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Eating Endeavors

2014-02-01 09.52.58

We started trying foods with you a day after you turned 6 months.  We are so excited for this phase, but we know it means you are growing up.  That makes Mama ache a little.  This is just a place I wanted to make so I could list all the foods you’ve tried and your reactions.

Baby Food 028

  1. mashed banana and avocado (you were more interested in the spoon, but you did eat some)
  2. scrambled egg yolk
  3. peeled, cooked, red potatoes with coconut oil and milk (you liked this)
  4. mashed sweet potato (your favorite so far!)
  5. mandarian oranges
  6. whole banana
  7. green beans
  8. homemade applesauce (you acted like it was sour)
  9. carrots
  10. lemons
  11. acorn squash (not a fan…too stringy)
  12. baby food: sweet peas (loved them)
  13. baby food: pears (liked them, but was frustrated with the spoon)

Baby Food 035 Baby Food 034

Big brother making your food!  He was so excited to help!

Baby Food 003

Banana and Advocado

Baby Food 093

more gets on your face and shirt than your mouth

Baby Food 011

you are way more into the bowl and spoon

2014-02-01 09.51.06

so big in your highchair (thanks Nicole and Trevor)

Baby Food 001

baking Golden Delicious apples to make homemade applesauce

*At 7 months, you really started acting like you “needed” food.  You seemed hungrier.  We are on WIC and they give us some free baby food.  I started giving you that and you loved it, but quickly grew frustrated with the spoon.  You grab my hands and spoon and try to do it yourself.  You also put your hands in your mouth…I think it’s because you are so used to feeding yourself.



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