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E and Mama, Cookin’ up a Mess in the Kitchen



Baking Cookies 003

So excited to have a little buddy to help me cook in the kitchen!  This was our first cooking experience together.  We were making scary Halloween shortbread cookies, in the shape of fingers and pumpkins!  E had so much fun…hence the faces in these pictures.

Baking Cookies 005 Baking Cookies 010 Baking Cookies 016 Baking Cookies 020

I have no idea what he was saying to me, but you can tell by my face I didn’t like his finger being in it!  haha

Baking Cookies 029

Sweet wittle chubby fingers rolling out the dough.  He was such a big helper!

Baking Cookies 035

Concentrating on the task at hand!

Baking Cookies 042

I’m so in love with this shot!  I told him to make a scary face.

Baking Cookies 052

Look at his little reflection!

Baking Cookies 066

Sprinkle time!

Baking Cookies 068 Baking Cookies 069

Samson waiting for a sprinkle to drop!

Baking Cookies 072

The painted pumpkins.

Baking Cookies 078

So worth the wait!

Baking Cookies 088His face.

Happy “Day before Halloween!”


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Fall Festival 2013

Fall Festival 12 weeks 037 Fall Festival 12 weeks 040 Fall Festival 12 weeks 042 Fall Festival 12 weeks 046 Fall Festival 12 weeks 049 Fall Festival 12 weeks 058 Fall Festival 12 weeks 060 Fall Festival 12 weeks 061 Fall Festival 12 weeks 062 Fall Festival 12 weeks 069 Fall Festival 12 weeks 072 Fall Festival 12 weeks 081 Fall Festival 12 weeks 083


Fall 007


Elijah had so much fun at the Fall festival downtown.  I really wish I could share pictures of little E, but alas, I cannot.  One day this blog will be blown up with his sweet tiny face!  Everett will be 3 months old on the 29th!  I can’t believe how much he has grown.  He is filling out, especially in his face.  I was able to capture him rolling over from his belly to his back today, on my camera.  Sunday he started rubbing his eyes when he got sleepy for the first time.  He grabbed his foot this past week too!  He’s slobbering and chewing on his tiny knuckles.  I don’t know if that means teeth are in our near future or not.

Elijah is doing well.  He is loving the cooler weather because he gets to wear jackets!  We bought a firepit and he is super excited about roasting marshmallows.  I’m excited to show you all our Halloween outfits…but that will have to wait.

We are loving being a family of four!Fall 017

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Master Chef

That is what E prefers to be called now!  haha!  I have no idea where he heard the term (too much Chopped, maybe?) but as soon as he put on his apron we got him, he transformed into the Master Chef!

Elijah's Toys 018 Elijah's Toys 020(ignore the floors, please, we still haven’t tiled.)

We got him a bike trailer a while back, here it is all hooked up with him, Keira, and Samson going for a ride!

Elijah's Toys 032 Elijah's Toys 049 Elijah's Toys 055 Elijah's Toys 060 Elijah's Toys 063Samson’s so gross!  Licking the window!!!

Elijah's Toys 071 Elijah's Toys 088 Elijah's Toys 092 Elijah's Toys 101




Always Remember, There Was Nothing Worth Sharing, Like the Love that Let Us Share Our Name

Wow.  What did we ever do to deserve this life?  I look back a mere 3 months ago and I cannot believe where we are now.  Jeff and I have wanted a family for sooo long, and God has now blessed us with not one but two beautiful boys.   The most perfect boys.  Every time I look into their sweet faces it takes my breath away.  Elijah is so incredibly smart and complex.  Everyday I am amazed at the things he says, asks, and knows.  His tender heart, his zeal for knowledge, his vast love, his timely manners.  He is beautiful.

I believe everyone has a right to brag about their children.  I know all children are precious, gifts from God.  It’s just this child.  He just.  I don’t know.  If I could dream up a perfect child he wouldn’t even come close to Elijah.  He’s just that good.  That pure.  It’s like God literally found the best child in the whole world and dropped him off on our doorstep.  Most of the time I forget that he is only 3.  He seems to comprehend on at least a 10 year old level.  I know people think we are strict or mean or just plain hard on him at times, but we know him.  We know his capabilities, we know his comprehension, we know he is worth it, so we hold him to a very high standard.  We expect him to behave.  He thrives with structure and discipline and has flourished in our home because of it.

There is an old saying that says, “Good things come to those who wait.”  Like Hannah in first Samuel, I prayed and prayed for years for a child.  I begged and pleaded with the Lord.  I would often read this chapter in the bible to give me comfort and peace, I knew God would answer my prayers.  And he did.  He brought us Elijah at the exact right time when he needed us the most and we needed him the most.

Psalm 37:7  “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him”

So, in celebration of his beautiful life and our beautiful life together as a forever family, we threw a big ole’ party!  I’m first going to post the decorations.  I enlisted the help of an incredible party, planning, lady.  Trust me if you have a wedding, birthday, any event, you should call her.  She is the best!

Elijah’s favorite song is, “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World.”  So, we ran with it.  We wanted this to be about families and about adoption.  There are children all over the world that need good Christian homes.  Adoption is a blessing.  Adoption is love.  So, we have globes, maps, and international flags everywhere to celebrate all the beautiful children who need us and need God.  Please consider opening your home to one/some of these children.  If you have any questions about adoption, particularly state adoption, comment or email us!  Adoption is our favorite thing to talk about!  It brought us a family!

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 058

The door decor.  I spray painted an 11×14 frame from a thrift store navy blue.  I bought an MDF letter from Hobby Lobby, scrapbook paper from Oriental trading (travel pack), Mod Podged it on there.  Hung the letter from jute with is hotglued to a strip of fabric (from Hobby Lobby.), I made a paper doll chain and taped it on.  This is something cute that we can hang on the outside of his room now.

Pre-Party Photos 078 Pre-Party Photos 081When I searched for Pinterest ideas for adoption parties not much came up, but one thing that did was this “It’s O-fish-al” saying on a bag of Swedish Fish.  We opted for goldfish.  I just printed it on oval labels and stuck it to a tag made by a Circuit machine we borrowed.

Pre-Party Photos 086

Ms. Michelle made this super cute sign out of some scrapbook supplies she found at Hobby Lobby.
Pre-Party Photos 085This was our “photobooth” of sorts.  The map is a one of a kind that we borrowed, made to fit on a bulletin board.

Pre-Party Photos 088

This is before we had all the balloons up.

Pre-Party Photos 090

Our family table.  I made the bunting.  We had Elijah’s adoption book I wrote out for everyone to write in a wish.  I painted a tree for everyone to sign and fingerprint, and then Ms.  Michelle made us a family tree where we had pictures of the boys with all their family!

Pre-Party Photos 093 Pre-Party Photos 095

Pre-Party Photos 097On the food table we had hamburgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, corn, baked beans, mac n cheese, chips and dip.   I picked only foods he LOVED.  He ate the coleslaw first of course.  I also had chocolate milk for him to drink!

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 059The dessert table with chocolate cupcakes with green icing (earth), white cupcakes with blue icing (water).  We also had ice cream for the kiddos.  Jeff built the pallet sign and I painted it.  It’s going over Everett’s crib when he moves into the nursery.  I’ll probably make him a banner with his name and hang it on it.

Pre-Party Photos 104Kid’s table.  I had cardstock and travel stamp stickers (Oriental Trading) on each spot, with dino crayons that I made from this mold, so they could make their own placemats.  The kids could take home a balloon, international flag, and goldfish favors.

Pre-Party Photos 102

Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing , Like the love that let us share our name.

Pre-Party Photos 099This table had a photo album, books about adoption, suitcase to hold cards, a wooden name train that we bought him off Amazon, a wooden globe that fit 8 tiny children in it (Oriental Trading).  We added a red wagon on the side to hold presents, it filled up quite quickly!  Elijah didn’t even know they were his, and picked up two (after he opened them), and asked if he could bring them home.  I had to tell him that ALL the presents were his!  His eyes got so big!

Pre-Party Photos 115The bulletin board announcing his party!

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 116 E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 120 E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 125

What can I say, the boy loves to eat.  First he cleared the coleslaw, then moved on to his cheeseburger.  I think he cleaned his plate!

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 149 E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 175My snookums.  I think he looks like me, even if ya’ll say he looks like Jeff.  He has my eyes and nose, and Jeff’s smile.  🙂

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 211

Go! Gamecocks!

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 233 E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 247

Look Mom!  It’s Thomas!!!

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 285

“There’s a PARTY in my room!”

E's Adoption Party Everett 9 weeks 291The John Deere tractor set was a HUGE hit!  We got us a country bumpkin!

A super big thank you to everyone who showed up and also to those who couldn’t, but wanted to be there.  We love you all so much and you are so important to our family!  A big shout out to our friends that help us set up and take down everything (you know who you are.)  Thank you also to those who contributed food, helped serve and brought presents.  We are truly humbled by the love you have shown our family and most importantly our son.

We love you all!