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Turning the 20’s into the 21st Century

On October 1st we moved from our home in Tulsa, Oklahoma back to sweet home Alabama. My husband took a youth minister’s position here in Greenville. So, the house we moved into needed/needs to be updated. Our house was built in 1928, but sometime in the 70’s someone had the bright idea to put up wood paneling and horrible light fixtures. Since I love interior design you can only imagine how excited I was to move into a house that pretty much needs to be completely renovated! It is like having a blank canvas. So what I would like to do is post before and after pictures and keep everyone updated on the progress of the house. It will probably take over a year until we are completely finished, but I will constantly try to keep everyone up to speed. So here is my attempt at blogging. I’ve never done this before, so we will see how long I stick with it. I’d like to post some of my paintings and other artsy things I like to do. I will also include where I purchased most of my furnishings for those of you who would like to use some of my decorating ideas.