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Growing Like a Weed

So, you know how people say their children are climbing up the walls?  I just thought that was a joke.  I mean, how do you actually climb up a wall?  Well, it’s true little boy…you actually CLIMBED the wall today.


And obviously since you know how to climb walls you know how to climb your crib.  You now pull yourself up on the bars, so you can prop up on them and talk to us.  Don’t worry, our bed is squished up to the crib and if you ever figure how to climb out you’d land on the bed.  I suppose it’s time to drop your crib down to the lower level.

I know this isn’t your 8 month post, but you have changed the most this month and I feel a mid-month post is due.  You are saying, “Dada,” and “Hey!” all the time.  It’s super cute.  You will climb over me in the mornings and say, “Hey!” Then you climb over to Dada and say, “Hey, Dada!”

Why do you have to be so big!?!

I took you in the shower with me the other day.  I wasn’t sure how you would do with the water spraying.  Well, you LOVED it!  You kept trying to “catch” the water in your hands.  You’re so adorable!  I bathed you in the kitchen sink, and switched the nozzle to spray, you did the same thing.  You were amazed.

You have started sticking out your tongue.  Not in a mean way, just in a discovery way.  You will smile and stick out your little tongue at the same time, which in turn produces oodles of slobber to run down your face.

You have learned the “throw it down and get someone to pick it up” game.  haha…not

Whenever someone else is holding you, and you see Mama you will stick your arms out and dive for me.  I secretly love this!  I love that you know I’m your Mama and you want to be in my arms.

You have refused to sleep!  You still fall asleep on your own, with little convincing, but you never stay asleep!  You are waking up every two hours and when you wake up you try to stay up!  This has been going on for two weeks now.  I feel like I have a newborn again!  They say when your baby has “developmental leaps” their sleep patterns change or are disturbed….something like that.

The weather is getting really nice, so we’ve been taking you and your brother outside a bit lately.  Daddy needed to fix his bike so we could start going on rides…you decided to help him:


Keira looks like she was guarding you.  She does that a lot.  When you sleep, she’s right by your side.  She’s very protective, though she still doesn’t want to play with you (you like to pull hair, remember?)  This was Daddy’s first time wearing you.  🙂  I wonder if he will be addicted to it like me?  I’m making a Mei Tai, so we can wear you at the zoo this weekend!  Hopefully I’ll be done by then.

You and Elijah got to ride in the bike trailer.  You fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

IMG_20140314_131604813That’s you snoozing on the other side of Elijah!  You were snug as a bug back there!  We went down the trail and then had a picnic by the water.  You didn’t dare stay asleep for that.

IMG_20140314_134056506Here’s you and Mama snuggling, on our picnic.


And here are your not so tiny feet.  They are so sweet and ticklish!



Hey Elijah!!!  You will be 4 next month!  What!?!  I can’t believe we will have a 4 year old.  You’re practically grown…well, you think you are.  🙂  We have been doing some school stuff at home.  So far you can count to 20, say your ABC’s, know all your colors, learning your shapes, can write (almost by yourself) and recognize your name, color inside the lines, quote about 10 memory verses!  We are so proud of you.  You are going to be a super genius! I’m still debating on what “kind” of party to throw you.  I guess I need to start working on that.  You said you wanted to swim and go to a restaurant!  When I asked you what kind of cake you wanted you said, Banilla. 😛

IMG_20140311_113437775We love to go on walks.  Your favorite is still riding your bike, while Dada, Mama, Everett, Keira, and Samson walk!  We have a great neighborhood to walk or ride!  Here’s looking for many sunny days to play, my sweet boy!

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The Two Week Wait- 2WW

If you have  been on the TTC (Trying To Conceive) road you know about the dreaded 2 week wait.  If you haven’t I’ll elaborate.  The 2ww is the two weeks after your ovulation before you get your period.  There is an average of 14 days for most women, you have to wait these 14 days to tell if you are pregnant.  If you have been doing infertility treatments the wait is even more excruciating.  You know you are giving this your best shot.  You know exactly when you have ovulated, you probably even took medications to boost your egg making powers.  After you proceed with your treatment/procedure all you can do is rest and take it easy for the next two weeks.  They drag by slower than any days you’ve ever encountered in your life.  And just when you think you are about to go mad, ding! ding!…it’s time to pee on a stick.  Over and over and over you live these days.  Every single month.  The ups (knowing you did everything in your power to boost your baby making abilities), the downs (the inevitable double — minus sign.)  It’s enough for a lady to go mad, and drive her hubby there with her.  I know.  We know.  We’ve been there.  Month after month, year after year.  The roller coaster you so desperately want to get off, but know your life will end if you get out of that cart.  I know it’s a little dramatic, but when you’ve only wanted to be a mom for say….10 years, that is how it feels.

Right now we are in a two week wait.  14 days.  A wait, I honestly never heard of until we started our adoption journey.  The scariest words in my vocabulary right now are: “she can appeal.”  When you are adopting through foster care, after the parental rights have been terminated, the biological family can “appeal” (reject the ruling of TPR) up to 14 days later.  They can even take it to the Supreme Court and appeal a second time.  This can drag the adoption process out for years.  You literally don’t know from day to day if they will accept or reject the appeal.  So here we are in our 2ww, again.  Different, but the same.  The future of our child is hanging there, and we are just waiting.  Prayers are appreciated.  And if you are in your own personal 2ww, I’ll be praying for you too.

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Baby Everett You are 7 Months Old!

It’s been a whole month since I’ve blogged or taken pictures…sad to say.

My head is swarming with all the many milestones you have reached lately.  Your little personality is blooming.  You change every single day.

Last week the strangest thing happened at church: when other people were holding you and you could still see Mama and Dada, you would start crying.  I mean this pitiful lip rolled out, tears rolling down cheeks cry.  It was not like you, so I feared you were going to start having separation anxiety from us.  BUT this week at worship you were back to your old self being passed around, showing that cheeky grin and those dimples!

On March 1st, you started repeating Dada when we would say it.  After all these months of “schooling” you to say Mama, Dada ends up being your first word!  It’s okay…I’m just a teeny bit jealous.  You also said, “HEY” to the bible class teacher when he was looking at you.  Last night you started saying something that sounds like “lijah” for “Elijah,” I suppose.  It’s so sweet.

  • you started becoming more vocal right around your 7 month birthday.  We had been riding in the car and you were so quiet, then we get home and you see Dada and you start talking up a storm!
  • at your last doctor’s visit you were one ounce shy of 17lbs!  That was about 2 weeks ago.  You are getting really heavy when I try to pick you up.  You are in the 75% for height. Oh and you are oh so squishy and lovely.  Lots of rolls.  I love to squeeze your chubby legs!
  • you still have no desire to sit up, you just want to crawl and explore.
  • when I sit you on the church pew, you turn yourself around to the back and then pull yourself up to standing! What!?!  You are going to be doing that all over the house soon, I’m sure!
  • no teeth yet, just lots of slobber and chewing on fists.
  • your favorite foods are: banana, mashed potatoes, green beans, lemons, mandarin oranges
  • your favorite toys are: paper (sooo not a toy), books, and shoes (ewww)
  • you and brother play together so well.  He is very nice about sharing his toys and room with you.  You love him so much.
  • you are still pulling hair and getting a stronger grip!
  • you actually pitch fits when you don’t get your way.  I’m trying to teach you the words, “no” and “gentle hands.” You really get mad if we don’t let you chew on our napkins and bills. 😛
  • you have been giving me open mouthed kisses on my cheek. ❤
  • it’s impossible to change your diaper.  You roll and squirm so much.  It takes me 5 times as long as it used to.  And you like to reach down there and grab it…which sometimes makes for a big mess!
  • I’ve been wearing you a lot and sometimes it is the only way I can calm you down.  You fell asleep once while I was wearing you on my back, and multiple times on my front.  You become so quiet  and still when you are all wrapped up.  It’s probably my favorite thing in the world to have you sleeping on my chest.  I can feel all the stress and worries melt away.

2014-02-06 19.50.44-1

2014-02-11 12.19.56-1

Daddy and I love you and your brother so much.  We were so incredibly sad before you two came into our lives.  It felt like Mama and Dada had a big hole in our hearts, and then you and Elijah came along and healed it.  We’ve never been happier than we are right now.  I often say our lives are perfect.  It’s not to brag and it definitely doesn’t mean we don’t have stresses or problems, but when I look at what is important,  when I look at you two, I can 100% say:  life is perfect.  Ya’ll are beauty and light.  Peace and humility.  Eager and gracious.  Innocent and pure.  Perfect and sinless.  You are everything that is good in the world.  I want to be more like ya’ll.  I want to have the zeal, passion, and love that you two gift me with every. day.  You made me a Mama.  You fulfilled all my dreams.  I love you.

Oh and one more thing….please stop growing so fast!



P.S.   Today, March 3rd is a big day.  TPR is hopefully happening right now.  We pray very soon you will be “legally” ours.