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First Family Vacation

There are so many things I want to share with you.  I feel like I could talk all day about my boys.  God has blessed us so greatly.  Everett is a month old now.  He has started to get a double chin and chubby cheeks.  I wish I could stop time.  I try to take everything in.  I try to treasure every second.  I feel like I’m living a dream.  The dream I’ve always wanted but could never grab onto.  Please let them be mine, Dear God.  Please.

There is nothing like a spur of the moment road trip with two kiddos.  We decided to leave around 10pm so the babies would sleep in the car.  They did amazing.  E was so excited.  He waited in the car for us all strapped in with his quilt, blankie, and flashlight.  Of course I got a picture, but can’t share it on here now.  We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at the beach.  E had been asking us about the beach and when we were going to go, so this seemed perfect.  E loves to swim…just like his daddy.  So we headed 6 hours south.  The babies did so good!  We only had to stop once and feed/change Everett.  E didn’t sleep much because he was so excited.  We arrived before 5am and he got to meet his Nanny and PawPaw for the first time.  It was love at first sight.  He is pretty obsessed.

Beach Vacation 2013 109

The first day we got to swim at the beach and the pool.  It was amazing and so relaxing.  E did great and the baby hid under a blankie in his bouncy seat.  The ocean sounds soothed him and he slept so well.  I’m soooo excited to report that my baby showed us his first REAL smile while we were in the hotel room.  His Nanny was talking to him while I was taking his picture and he smiled so big I could see his gums…like 5 times!  I took around forty pictures of it!  I had no idea that babies this young smile like that.  I’ve always been told it was gas. 😦  Check out his teeny bathing suit.

I know some of you might think I’m a crazy baby-lady or that I’m incredibly desperate, some of you might not even believe me when I tell you.  I bought this bathing suit 10 years ago.  BEFORE Jeff and I were married.  I got it from the Children’s Place outlet.  I thought it was so cute.  I’ve been dreaming of a little baby boy that would fit in it during the summer since that day.  It’s so crazy that he fit in it and it happened to be summer time, oh and that we have a boy!  Just thought I’d share that piece of strange info with ya.

One of the most special things about this trip is that our boys got to meet their great-grandmothers.  All of them.  We had one day to get it all done.  Luckily two of them live 15 minutes apart and Jeff’s grandmother is only 30 minutes away from them.  He was so excited to meet his Maw-Maws.  You see, he has gotten to talk to Maw-Maw on the phone before and has asked numerous times when he will get to see her.  She has been in and out of the hospital for at least a month.  E is constantly praying for her.  The night we were driving home, he asked to pray in the car before he went to sleep.  He prayed, “Dear God help MawMaw get better,” Then said, “Mom is MawMaw better yet?”  It was so sweet.  He already knows the power of prayer!  He also said, thank you for my grandmothers…all of them! Haha!  I guess he realizes he has a big family that loves him.

Here are some more shots from our beach/grandma trip!

Beach Vacation 2013 762 Beach Vacation 2013 689 Beach Vacation 2013 685 Beach Vacation 2013 678 Beach Vacation 2013 581 Beach Vacation 2013 469Beach Vacation 2013 230Beach Vacation 2013 358 Beach Vacation 2013 438 Beach Vacation 2013 129Beach Vacation 2013 172 Beach Vacation 2013 182So, I know this post is getting long, but I had to share one more cute thing E said to me at Granny in Florida’s house.  I was sitting on a barstool and he was trying to get up in my lap.  I said, “Be careful mommy is breakable.”  He responded, “You made of glass, Mommy?”  I said, “No baby, I’m not made of glass.”  He thought about it for a minute and then replied, “You made of Mommy.”  I couldn’t hold it in..”Yes baby, I made of Mommy.”  This kid ya’ll.  The joy.  I can’t even described how blessed we are.  We have been given this perfect gift.  He is SO incredibly smart, considerate, kind, loving….I could go on and on.  He tells me at least 20 x’s a day…”I so happy Mommy.”  “I SO happy!”  He has gotten to where when he gets in trouble he will say, “But I so sorry, Mom!”  I can’t help but to smile.  It’s very hard to get onto someone so incredibly sweet.  I am so grateful for every day God blesses me to be a mother to my boys and a wife to Jeff.

I have the best life.

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3 Weeks

William Everett was 3 weeks old yesterday.  He weighed 8lbs and 8oz at his doctor’s visit!  That is a whole pound more than last visit!  Everyday I’m more amazed at how much he changes.  Though I’m anxious to see him grow and change, it makes me sad that he won’t be little bitty forever.   I never thought Jeff and I would get/have a newborn baby.  It is so different from the other ages we’ve had.  We are just like any other family who might have given birth to a newborn.  We experience the sleepless nights, the gassy/colic fits, we even got to change the meconium diapers and got to wait for his umbilical cord to fall off.   I can’t for the life of me get this baby to sleep anywhere but on my chest.  I can’t complain though, because of anywhere I would want him to sleep it is there.  For soon he will be a rough and tumble, too cool for his mom little boy, and those cuddles will probably be few and far in between.

Here are some cute little things about Everett.

Eyes:   It is incredible to see how much they have changed.  I guess I haven’t ever stared at a newborn’s eyes day after day before now.  At first his looked like they were glazed over, like he couldn’t focus on anything.  When he would open his eyes he would stare above me, towards the light.  I think it was Saturday that his eyes locked onto mine for the first time…it was incredible!!!  I almost started to cry..well, I might have shed a tear or two of joy.   It was like, “Hi mom, I’ve found your face!”  Now he stares at me a lot…mostly when I’m feeding him.  Right now his eyes are a really dark gray with a lighter silver color around the pupil (we say he has Host eyes.)

Lips: Everett does the cutest thing in the world with his lips.  I’m sure it’s a common thing among babies, but first time mom to a newborn here, so it’s super cute to me.  After I pull the bottle out of his mouth he purses up his lips and moves them in a fishy manner.  It’s so funny.

Nicknames:  Bean Bundle (for when he’s swaddled), Stinky Pants (all day every day), my Little Papoose (when his in his wrap), Sweet Cheeks, Bubbie, and I’m sure there are other things we call him on a daily bases.

Things people say when we are out: “I love his name.” “Wow, you don’t look like you’ve had two kids!”  “You had a baby 3 weeks ago???”

Last night he slept better than the previous nights.  He has had a stuffy nose and it makes him so angry.  He usually is up from 3am to 7am.  I don’t know how many times he woke last night…maybe two or three, all I know is he didn’t wake until 6:30 and I was SO happy.  Also, we took a two hour nap today and it was INCREDIBLE!  For once I feel well rested, crossing my fingers about tonight!

I think we all could work on treasuring each second we have with our little ones.  I know it is so easy to get caught up in this face-paced digital age.  I know it’s rough when you haven’t had any sleep and the laundry is piling up on the couch, and there are bottles that need to be washed before the next feeding.  But in reality, none of that matters.  All that matters are the seconds we have with our children.  We will never get to experience those exact moments again.  Yesterday is already a memory.

And a post isn’t complete without some pictures of our cuties.  The day after M left we decided to take the boys to the zoo.  I will attach some of those images.  By the way, E still prays for M each night.

What I did to receive such a blessing in my life, I’ll never know.

Day at the Zoo 061 Day at the Zoo 064 Day at the Zoo 070 Day at the Zoo 074 Day at the Zoo 086 Day at the Zoo 099 Day at the Zoo 110 Day at the Zoo 123 Day at the Zoo 161 Day at the Zoo 166 Day at the Zoo 180 Day at the Zoo 186 Day at the Zoo 198

We love Uncle Ti and Aunt Amanda!  (E cannot pronounce Malachi for anything!)


Adjustments…Loosing M.

They will be coming to get M in a couple of minutes.  I can already tell you that loosing a foster child when there are other children in the home is much harder.  M was only suppose to be with us over the weekend….that is why we agreed to keep her.  We didn’t know how it would affect E to have a long-term placement.  He had only been with us a month or so when we took M in.  We figured a weekend wouldn’t hurt him.  From the beginning we made sure to make it very clear that this was “his” home, and we were “his” mommy and daddy.  We told him he needed to be kind and share us with M while she stays with us for a little while.  He wanted to know where her mommy was and where her home was and questioned us the first few nights about when she was leaving.

We found out Wednesday they were taking her to live with her siblings in another home.  We were very happy about that because we strongly feel siblings should not grow up alone in “the system”.  We have no idea how long she will be in care, but it could be a while.

E took the news pretty well, I guess.  We told him before we announced it at church.  He asked us “Why?”, “When I gonna see her again?”, “Where is her home Mommy?”  Last night, when I got him to tell her goodbye and give her a kiss, was the worst.  He started crying and asking all the same questions.  I just held him and we cried together.  He broke my heart.  We know this is what is best for her, but it still hurts to see your child sad.

We are planning on taking the boys to the zoo tomorrow.  We think it is important to do something special for E.  He has had to share his mommy and daddy with two babies!  We haven’t gotten out of the house except for worship for the last 3 weeks.  I know it has been very hard on him.  He had all Jeff and my attention for over a month and then he had barely any.  I think things will get a little easier for him now.

Our worse fear was that he will question his stability in our home.  So far, no signs of that…but we have been coaching and prepping him along the way.  He even has his own little story about his life that I made.   He is able to read it and it tells about him being a part of our family.  I have hung family pictures all over the house and there are pictures of him at bath-time in the bathroom.  He loves to talk about how pretty they are and show them off.  When he looks at our family picture of us sitting on our porch he will say, “Look Mommy, I at home!”  and he will say, “I so happy Mommy!”  It’s then I know we are doing what is right.

He woke in the middle of the night last night crying for me.  This is the first time he has done this.  I don’t know if it has any connection with M leaving today or not.  I just held him and he said he was “real thirsty”, so I gave him some water.  I hope he doesn’t have anymore nightmares.  He’s such a sweet little guy, I hope he will be okay.

Please pray for our family.

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Party of 5

So, as you would expect with a 3 year old, a 4 month old, and a 1 week old, there is not much time to blog.  So, I’m going to hit you up with everything I got so far on this one blog.  Hang tight.

Everyone in the Stacy household is sick.  Apparently Littlest M was sick when they brought her to us 2 weeks ago.  (We know this because her other two siblings have the same thing…DHR forgot to mention it to us after her doctor’s appointment last week.)  She just started showing symptoms 3 days ago.  Now Jeff and I have sore throats.  Praying the tiniest member of the household doesn’t get it.  The doctor said it was just a cold.  Littlest M also had to get 4 shots this week…while she was sick!  I’m not a fan of vaccinations, especially when a baby’s immune system is already weakened because of sickness.   Jeff tried to fight the vaccines (he brought her to the appointment) but they wouldn’t hear of it.  You are required to vaccinate all foster children.

Things are going pretty well.  I would say everything is running smoothly, except for the sickness stuff.  We stay at home except for worship, and to go on walks.  We have had tons of visitors and our little brood loves that!  It’s just difficult to get them all out of the house.   We thought we were going to have to buy a minivan, but Jeff was able to cram all three carseats into the back of our car!  What a blessing!

E especially loves all the attention from visitors.  That’s been the hardest part…trying to give him all the attention he needs.  Sometimes it feels like whoever screams the loudest gets the most attention.  With two babies, there is almost always someone that needs changed or fed, so it’s difficult to give E the one on one attention.  He is doing fairly well and when Jeff gets home he makes sure to spend some time with him.

I am mostly amazed by the amount of laundry these days.  I actually find it quite enjoyable folding all the teensy clothes.  Another thing that I am starting to rather enjoy is changing diapers…weird I know.  I have switched Littlest M completely to cloth.  I bought all of her diapers from Alvababy.  They are AI2’s and only cost $450 -$8.99 a piece!  They ship from China, it only took a week and a half, but I made sure to pay $1.99 for the insurance (I think that is why they got here so fast).  I tried to mix up my stash with PUL, Minky, and Bamboo diapers.  The bamboo and minkys come with 2 bamboo inserts, the PUL’s come with microfiber.  Littlest M is a very heavy wetter, everything else I’ve used she’s soaked right through.  Last night was the first night in the Alva’s and she didn’t leak!  The only negative is that they say they only fit 8lbs-40lbs.  BUT they are HUGE on Everett.

Everett has had terrible diaper rash.  I don’t know if it’s the formula, the disposables or the wipes.  Jeff bought some Destin, but when I read the back it said fragrance, parabens, petroleum!  I don’t think you can even use diaper cream with cloth and I’m starting to make his cloth diapers….I hope that helps with the rash.  I found a preemie pattern and will keep making his until he can fit in the Alvas.  Littlest M is 14lbs and I have it on one of the smallest settings on her.

In case you are confused about all our children and who is who, I will give you a super quick breakdown:

E-    He has been here the longest.  He came to us June 19th as a potential adoption.  We are still waiting on some legal things that could take 6 or more months.  E is 3.

Littlest M-        She came to us a few weeks ago as a weekend placement.  She was only supposed to be here over the weekend, but her stay has been extended.  We don’t know what the future holds for her, but she does have two older siblings that we are trying to get her placed with.  It’s never a good thing for biological siblings to be seperated.  DHR doesn’t seemed too concerned and said they will “talk about it” at the next ISP at the end of the month.  She is 4 months old.

Everett-    Everett was born on July 29th and came to us that Thursday.  We actually got a baby straight from the hospital!!!  He is considered a high risk adoption placement…meaning there are plenty of things that could pop up, but the goal is adoption with him also.  They will not be meeting to discuss his case until September.

Please pray for our family and all our little bitties.

Brothers 005

These are the newborn AIO’s  I made on Everett…preemie size.  He weighs 7lbs 8oz.
Brothers 013

Also preemie AIO’s, but with fold over elastic…makes them a little bigger (no seam allowance.)Brothers 014

How we do feedings.  Sometimes they will be hungry at the same time.  Two Boppy’s, two babies, two bottles.

Check out M’s cute Alvababy diaper!!!

Brothers 018

Check out Budda Baby’s thighs!

Brothers 019

Tiny toes!

Brothers 054

Everett’s unused crib in our room.  He likes to sleep on my chest.

Brothers 055

Where I store the baby clothes for now.Brothers 056 Brothers 058

Changing area at the foot of our bed for midnight changings.

I’ve got M sleeping through the night in a swing or propped up on a Boppy (she’s so congested.)  Everett usually wakes around 2, 4, and 6 for a fresh diaper and bottle.  E sleeps from 8:30 to 8am every night.  M and Everett usually go to sleep between 10pm and 12pm.  It’s pretty crazy and quite impossible to put babies on a schedule.