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Some of My Favorite Art

This cross was made by my great grandmother (Cora Ray) over 100 years ago. She took rose stems and twisted them and pinned them onto the wood which is covered with black fabric. I found this outside in my grandfather’s shed. No one had claimed it after he had passed, so my Maw-Maw told me to take it. They were going to throw it in the garbage.

My little sister Morghan painted this for our tropical bedroom. Pretty awesome especially for a 13 year old! She gave this to us for Christmas. Once we get the bedroom sheet rocked and painted I’ll hang it up.

Mom brought this drawing back from New Orleans for me.

This was given to us from some friends that lived in Tulsa, Ok. The man’s wife had traveled somewhere over seas and purchased this years ago.

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TV Stand Art Display

This is also a t.v. stand I am using as a buffet in my dining room.

Our t.v. is located on top of our mantle, so I decided to try and make the top of our t.v. stand look nice. Collections of the same color vases look great even when empty. I tried to incorporate some cool colors into our warm living room. The lamp came from Target, the picture frame is from Burke’s outlet. The vases have been collected over the years from various places.

Gotta have a wii and a 360. Can’t forget the old records. The picture is of my maw-maw and paw-paw Ray when they were a lot younger. 😀

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A Romantic Getaway!

Jeff decided to surprise me this weekend and take me on a much needed vacation! How romantic… I KNOW! We went to Destin and stayed at the Sheraton. We got to eat lots of seafood, walk the beach, and even pet an alligator at Fudpuckers. Ahhh…. I love my hubby. It was so nice to de-stress and get away from the hecticness of life!



So, our bathroom is basically finished! Yippee! We just had our vanity installed today and it looks great! I was getting tired of our little sink without a stopper and storage. All I have to do now is make a curtain to match the shower curtain and we will be completely finished with the bathroom. We got the cabinet and fixtures from Marvin’s in Greenville.

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So, Jeff’s old lampshade was gold with black trim… I’ve never liked it. Over the holidays I received a gift wrapped in some really cool paper. Not that I do this a lot, but I saved it because it matched my bedroom. Then it dawned on me, I could cover Jeff’s lampshade!!! So, this is how it turned out. I’m going to try and do mine next so they will match, but I’m not sure if I have enough paper. 😦
What I did was lay the shade on the paper and cut it to size. I actually ironed the paper to get the creases out. Make sure there is no water in your iron…something I DIDN’T do. Any ways leave about a 1/2 inch extra paper at the top and bottom of the lamp. Then you just tuck it in and tap with double sided tape. I had some fancy heavy duty scrap booking tape I used. Then WALLAH! You have a new lampshade.