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Turning Store-bought Curtains into Something More

Have you ever bought curtains at the store, only to bring them home and discover they fall a’ bit short of your expectations? Literally?  Well, it has happened to me a time or two.  I don’t know if the curtain makers think it’s the style to have your windows wearing high-waters or what…but it’s not very becoming in my opinion.

I bought two panels (80 inch?) from Hudson’s Dirt Cheap for $5.  They are almost the same color as my living room walls. Wedgewood Gray, so I thought they might look nice in the dining room and kinda tie those two rooms together.  Obviously they were too short.  We kept them up there until I took a trip to Ikea and found some super long white curtains for $10 total.  When I got them out of the package they were super thin…and not a real soft material.

I like the fact that the first curtains were a nice material with a nice pattern and had a liner.  Only problem with the liner is that the room (which is in the middle of the house) looked VERY dark with them up. *lightbulb moment* Is there a way I can have the light and bright AND the matchy curtains?  A trip to the local fabric store I made.  They have tons of upholstery fabric at reasonable prices.  I happened upon the clearance bin and found an amazing navy textured fabric that I thought would look great with the “short/matchy” curtains.

I also had to shorten the thin Ikea curtains, because they hung 2 extra feet on the ground.  I’m pretty proud of this project, because there were so many obstacles, plus I really stink at sewing…but they turned out great anyways.

Here are your before and afters….no tutorial, because I’m definitely NOT the best person to teach you how to sew. 🙂

updates and halloween party 016

before (no they haven’t been like this since Halloween…I just haven’t had time to blog about them).

dining curtains 013 dining curtains 010 dining curtains 006 dining curtains 005after

There you have it!  Have you had any sewing projects lately?  Has this ever happened to you?  What is your solution?  Do you take them back? Add some fabric?

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Reality. Bright Future.

Hi.  Sorry I’ve been ignoring you for so long.  Today is actually the first day I’ve wanted to write in a while.  As some of you may know with adoption there are a lot of ups and downs.  Right now I’m on a down, but slowly coming up for air.  Things always get better.  I can’t share details with you on this one…I’m very sorry.  Just know we covet your prayers.

Meanwhile…over the past two days Jeff and I have been incredibly busy!  He wired our living room with electrical, and installed a light fixture:

electrical. light fixture 012He also wired in the main/entertaining part of the living room, but we are missing a pin for the fan.  Don’t worry, Harbour Breeze is shipping it for free!  Sometimes when you buy $200 fans for $50 at Lowes they are missing some parts.  That’s just how we roll…on a budget.

Oh, some other happy news (which most of ya’ll know now), but just so it’s official on the blog:

Cloth diapering 009There ya go!  We also got cute little business cards to put in our wallet saying we are foster parents.  We have gotten a couple of calls…two of which were way older than our age range (0-3).  The last one…(because of other things we were going through) didn’t seem like a good fit at the time.  But now we are ready and waiting on some more calls.  It took about a week or two to get our first call, which let us know we were on “the list” (just in case you are interested and curious).  From what I understand, whenever you are approved and get this little sheet of paper, you can start getting calls.

Onto other things.

Jeff and I are really starting to think about making our home be a sustainable development.  In the future we plan to build a chicken habitat, a pond, lots of raised garden beds, mini fruit orchard, solar panels, etc.  Right now we found out that our local scrap yard carries food grade 55 gallon barrels.  Jeff is almost through making our composter ..I might see if he wants to make a video explaining all of that to you later.  We are going to have a few rain barrels…so we can water our gardens (which we haven’t made yet), and possibly use it for drinking water.

So, exciting things happening around the Stacy Home.


Another thing I am super passionate about is cloth diapering.  I could talk about it for hours.  Did you know that a cloth diapered baby is on average potty-trained 12 months earlier than a baby that wears disposables?  See? 🙂

Most moms know the cloth diaper start up is kinda high (especially on a budget).  It can run from $300-$700, on average.  Which may seem like a lot, but considering that you spend $2000 or more in disposables for 1 child…it doesn’t seem as bad.  We love the fact that all of our children can use the diapers…which can save some mega bucks considering we could have tons of foster children running through here.

I had heard of mom’s making the diapers themselves…but…as I am not a very good seamstress, this frightened me.  A lot of the tutorials I saw recommended using flannel blankets, t-shirts, and random cotton items from your closet.  Since this = free…I thought I’d give it a try.

I will be doing a tutorial on tips and helpful hints I have found easiest (with step by step photos).  I haven’t purchased any Snappis (video below on what they are).  You can opt to use diaper pins, like our moms did or you can purchase 3 Snappies for $10 off Amazon and not have to worry about sharp pins.



Here is a quick peek of the fitted cloth diaper I made. It is thin, because it is just two flannel blankets sewed together, but I made it with a pocket so I can slip an insert in there for absorption   This fitted diaper also needs a cover (our moms used plastic pants) because it is not waterproof.  Once my PUL and Hemp comes in I will do a tutorial on those and give you my reasons for going the fitted/cover route vs. all in one route.

Cloth diapering 011




Nursery Post (Yeah Another One) Wall Art & Break Down of Costs

Spring and nursery 024The other day I was telling my MawMaw about the nursery we had made, and it occurred to me that I barely spent any money in here.  I mean barely at all.  Which makes me super happy, because this room is a total transformation.


Okay, I’m going to do a rough estimate breakdown and let you see some of the wall art I hung to complete the whole changing table area.

Spring and nursery 027Dresser: FREE. totally given to us by our best friends.  This dresser is from the late 70’s, early 80’s (we think).  We went back and forth about painting it, but I’m really glad we didn’t.  The slight golden/orange wood tone looks great with the aqua walls and vintage theme.

Glass Knobs: $10.  I had to buy four glass knobs for the top drawers…I got them at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

Floating Shelves: $37.  I got these puppies from Lowes.  Allen Roth brand (they cost the most of anything we bought).

Paint: $30.  Kensington + Clark paint “Barely Teal”

Changing Pad: FREE.   Also given to us by our BFF’s.

Shelf with Hooks: FREE.  I’m sure it cost something back in the day, but I just pulled this out of the attic and added it here for more storage.

Spring and nursery 024

Vintage Lamp: Free.  It was a gift from my mom

Fabric for Changing Pad. $3

Picture Frames: $10.  Ikea

Birdhouse: FREE.  I bartered a beanie for this!

Brass Waterpot: $5.  From a local antique store

Knick knacks: $5.   I probably didn’t even spend that much.  Most of the little ceramic animals and wall art came from yard sales for .25 each!

Spring and nursery 019

Square Shelf: FREE.  Had this for years, pulled it out of attic

Owl Hook: $5.  Hobby Lobby

Yellow Mirror: $5.  Hobby Lobby

Vintage Plate and Holder: $2.25

Art in Frames: FREE.  Pages torn out of my old books.

Spring and nursery 020

Jeff made the raccoon art when he was a little boy!  I love it soooo much.  There he is right beside it when he was only 6 months old!  The Home Sweet Home cross-stitch came from a yard sale for .25.  And the other picture frame has me in it when I was only a couple of months old.  I’m in LOVE with the vintage plate that has the exact colors of the room on it!

Spring and nursery 021Yard sale and Hobby Lobby finds!

Spring and nursery 022I really like the little owl container.  It’s also from a yardsale.  It’s vintage and made by Avon.

Here’s some shots of the rest of the room.

Spring and nursery 029 Spring and nursery 030

Toddler Beds: FREE.  Given to us by friends.

Trunk: $20.  From a thrift store.  I painted it, lined it with fabric, and use it as a toy box.

Rug and Floor Poof: $6.  Sheets from a thrift store.

Pillows & Curtains: $10.  For fabric.  I already had the white curtains.

Curtain Rods: $3.  For a can of spray paint.  The rods are pieces of bamboo found in our yard spray-painted white.  We just used the curtain hardware we had.

Duvet Covers: FREE.  Made out of white sheets I cut up and then I sewed a cover over a full-size down comforter I cut up.

Kid’s Furniture: $10.  Bought at a yard sale years ago.

Toys and Books: FREE.  Ours from when we were little, plus a lot of toys have been given to us.

Art Above Bed: $3. Paint and .25 canvas from a yardsale.

Dreamcatcher: $4.  Supplies from Hobby Lobby.

*the little end table I bought at a yard sale for $5 and then sanded and painted it.  It is probably not going to stay in here.*

TOTAL for the whole room: $165.25 <<<rough estimate

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Here’s to 11 More!


I’m a little late with this, but we were out of town for the week.  Saturday the 30th of March was our 11th year since Jeff asked me to be his girl.  It also marked 9 years since he asked me to be his wife.

That marvelous morning he woke me up with purple tulips by my bed.  He met me at Ms. E’s house (because I was staying the night with her and helping her around the house), around 8am.  He wanted to surprise me.  It was our 2nd anniversary of dating.  We got to spend the whole day together.  First we took a ferry ride over to Dauphin Island and got to see real dolphins on the ride over.  We ate yummy food at Gilligan’s and shopped around.  We went to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and looked at all the sea creatures.  We rode the ferry back over and hung out at my favorite pet shop (we love animals)!  Changed and then went out to dinner at Zeke’s Landing…where my hubby had made reservations the previous week and had picked the perfect seat to see the sunset with our dinner!

It was so perfect.  Next, we drove out to Fort Morgan.  We walked along the sand with our bare feet crunching the cool sand.  The air was very crisp, but not cold.  We held hands and walked a long way.  It didn’t seem so long because we were talking like we had know each other for a million years.  So easy.  We passed by some crabbers, I was kinda scared because it was night and the Fort was closed.  As we walked on I saw something twinkling in the distance.  As we got closer Jeff started singing.  I don’t know why but I was starting to tear up.  I didn’t have a clue as to what he was singing.  Right then we happened upon a blanket with hundreds of tea lights lit around it.  Jeff finished his song with a “will you marry me, Meghan Lydia Stacy”.  At this point he was down on one knee with a ring box in hand.  I’m bawling as I try to figure out how all the stuff was laid out so nice while he was with me the whole time.

Oh, and I said yes.  He kept saying, “don’t you want to see the ring”?  I just kept crying and kissing him.  Oh, there’s a ring!  Nice bonus!  It was beautiful.  We laid on the blanket and gazed at the stars and lost track of time while contemplating our future as man and wife.  Bliss.  That’s what I remember.  Then rain.  It started sprinkling on us and kinda broke us out of our dreamy haze and back into reality.  We grabbed everything up and ran through the sand.

The whole ride home I just laid my head on his shoulder.  And that my friends is why:

Stickshifts and safety belts
Bucket seats have all got to go
When we’re driving, in the car
It makes my baby seem so far
I need you here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
I need you to be here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
But when we’re driving in my Malibu
It’s easy to get right next to you
I say Baby, scoot over please
And then she’s right there next to me
I need you here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
I need you to be here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
Well a lot of good cars
Are Japanese
But when we’re driving far
I need my baby, I need my baby next to me
Well, stickshifts and safetybelts
Bucket seats have all got to go
When we’re driving in the car
It makes my baby seem so far
I need you here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
I need you to be here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat

More lyrics:


Hooray for the Fro-tier and benchseats!

9 years 002-2


Here is a blast from the past 11 years.

first pic












Cover (2)

7 (2)


I love you babe!  You are my hero, my soul-mate, my spiritual leader, my best friend.  I am who I am today because of you.  Thank you for the life you have given me.  I would not have changed one second of it.