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Born 2B Worn

As you already know, Mama didn’t get to carry you in her tummy for nine months, but that doesn’t mean I can’t carry you now!  Babywearing is so important to me, because I get to carry you on my body.  We can smell each other, we can cuddle, you can hear my heart beat, we can bond, and you get a free ride!  When you were an itty bitty baby I wanted to keep you in my arms at all times, I wanted you to know that I was your Mama (babywearing, let me do this.)  You got to know my smell and my sound, just as if I carried you in my tummy.  Another benefit of wearing you is that I was able to protect you from germs!  If a little baby gets a cold it is much more serious than if an adult catches one.  I felt it was my Mama duty to protect you from sickness.  I actually had you wrapped on me in WalMart when you were only a week old!  Don’t worry no one bothered you! 🙂  I’m so happy we are able to travel and go everywhere together! Wearing you is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  I love you Everett!

Places I’ve worn you:

  • shopping
  • to Weiss Lake
  • trick or treating
  • fall festival in Birmingham (this was outdoors for hours)
  • to worship
  • to a mall in Georgia to meet my best friend Nicole
  • to JSU Fan Day
  • around the neighborhood
  • in the house while doing chores

We will continue to go to many awesome places, and Mama will wear you as long as you let me!

Weiss Lake 239

Weiss Lake 267 Weiss Lake 268 Weiss Lake 274

Fall 017 901981_10153347181225167_1268229029_o2014-01-29 11.21.21 2014-01-29 11.22.06 2014-01-29 11.25.23IMG_20140125_150708343

I bought sling rings to make my wrap into a sling, it’s really too long for this.  I had to double it over.

IMG_20140125_150907418 Snow Day 219

2014-02-05 17.10.12Robbins Hip Carry

2014-01-31 18.39.47-2

Ruck Tied Under Bottom

2014-02-01 18.37.39

No idea what this is called, I make a ruck then brought the wrap under my arms, over and under each leg, I think I Tibetan tied it in front?

2014-02-04 17.11.05

Secure High Back Carry with a half chest knot

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