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Our first picture taken together on March 28, 2002. I just took it out of Jeff’s frame he put it in when I gave it to him almost 7 years ago and on the back was our names, the date, and “I love you Meghan” written on it. I cried. He wrote this before we were even dating. 🙂

I had to scan this one in so it’s not good quality. This was taken by our friend and it is my favorite picture from our wedding, so much for paying all that money for a photographer.

This is the latest picture we’ve taken, it was for the church directory.

I thought I had a lot to write about… I thought I could come up with the perfect title for this blog. As I ran titles through my head I realized I was at a loss for words. I realized I couldn’t put a title on love… on us. Jeff and I will be celebrating our fourth anniversary in a few short days. I absolutely cannot believe how fast time has flown. I wish I cherished each day more than I have. All I know is that our love grows stronger each and every passing day. He is my best friend. I like him more every morning than I did the previous day. I can’t explain my feelings. All I know is I wish it would last forever. I hope everyone can find love like ours.
When we first started talking about marriage, our friends thought we were crazy. We were so young, only 18 and 20. Even today when people ask me how long I have been wed they stare at me with disbelief. How can two people so young marry and still be married? I don’t have the secrets for a perfect marriage… does anyone? All I know is I love him. I am so happy my daddy moved our family for the umpteenth time to Fairhope Alabama. The place I first fell in love.
So, we have been together since March 30 of 2002, and will be together until I die. Thank you for the best years of my life! And happy 4th anniversary!

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Delilah Cuts Samson’s Hair

Well Delilah didn’t really cut his hair… it was me! I broke out the scissors and whacked away about a pound of hair. That’s a lot considering he only weighs 5!

Here you can see he is just a blur of hair!

I’m only putting up pics because every dog who’s hair I’ve ever cut we had to immediately take to the groomer.

He’s a little shaggy, but what do you expect… I used scissors.

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Updated Kitchen Pictures

I have replaced the knobs from a brass to a black nickle, purchased online.

I haven’t had a chance to spray the hinges, they will be a metallic charcoal. The laminate back splash will be replaced with black and white tile.

My beautiful FREE dishwasher from

The kitchen with our appliances, new knobs, and a dishwasher. I’m going to paint the walls turquoise, replace the blinds, put in new counter tops and back splash, and one day replace the flooring.

The stove is the only appliance original to the house.

My super cool antique ice cream table and chairs i purchased from a friend for $60. I had to sand all the rust off and paint them. I brushed a black enamel on the table top and sprayed the chairs a metallic charcoal.



This is our new shag rug from it is canopy brand in soft gold 5×8, the coffee table is from Target.

Microfiber futon is from Keira obviously loves our new rug!

Here is our bathroom after some paint. It’s not quite finished, we will put in a vanity. I’ll put up more pics when it is.

This is our formal dining room. The rug came from a friend, the roman shades are from Bed Bath and Beyond, the chairs are from Overstock, the paint is Kilz brand from Wal-Mart in Sea Green. Jeff is going to build me a big wooden 8 seater table. This one is temporary! The light fixture is from the 70’s and will be coming down soon!

My decorations aren’t hung yet. The buffet is actually a t.v. stand from a friend, the lamp came from a yard sale, the mirror is from target.

Here is the pic of our fireplace. The fire screen and rug are from target, t.v. stand from Walmart, decor is from hobbylobby and kirklands. This paint is called Autumn Leaf by Benjamin Moore.

This paint is Cafe’ Mocha by Kilz.

Our new fan/light is from Marvins


Every Breath You Take Every Move You Make I’ll Be Watching You

Yes I know this is the title of the popular 80’s song written by Sting, but it’s also the title for my latest blog, which is much more important than this hit song! Now to my blog. Just a warning, this blog has nothing to do with art or decorating my home.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday i experience one of the most touching experiences in my life! Words cannot express the immense amount of joy that flooded through my body. Life in and of itself brought me to tears. I am almost at a lost for words…but not quite. So, what is this life changing amazing experience you may ask. It was my baby sister’s ultrasound, the ultrasound of my little nephew. Wow! was that the most wondrous thing, to see this little bitty human weighing in at .29lbs kicking and thriving in my sister’s womb. If you could only see how strong and alive he was at only 15weeks old. I have never witnessed God’s AWESOME power like this before. Yes, I do want to get on my soap box about all the precious children who’s lives have been taken away…MURDERED, millions every year! Our close friend who was giving the ultrasound even said that she has witnessed women watching their babies kicking around inside of them and still say they were going to have an abortion! How sick is this?!? It infuriates me beyond comprehension! If you could have seen this precious child jumping in his amniotic sac full of nutrition. He looked just like a froggy. He was even flexing his minuscule muscles for his mommy, daddy, and two aunts that were there to witness this blessing. That is exactly what this was…a blessing. I’m so very glad that my sister and her hubby asked me to go to their ultrasound. They will never know what they have done for me. Hopefully one day it will be my little froggy jumping around!