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They’re Done

I finished the rocking chairs a few days ago, but haven’t had time to blog. First, I sanded them, then I primed them with an oil based primer (kilz), then I painted them Sea Green (kilz), then I put a wax finish on them. The green is not as bright as an apple green, but I had this green left over from our old house, so it was FREE!

I made the pillows out of an old vintage table cloth that I bought at a thrift store that helps our local humane shelter. I actually just sewed 3 sides and then stuffed an old pillow in it and then sewed up the fourth. They aren’t very pretty, but they sure do make the chair more comfy!

Now to the pictures…

rocking chair 001

rocking chairs 004rocking chair 002

Yesterday I started stripping the front screen door. I used a whole can of spray stripper and only got through the first 3 coats before I ran out. So, I need like 3 more cans! There isn’t much wood on the door, but there are so many layers of paint from the last 60 years, it is taking FOREVER! Hopefully in a few days I will have that project done. We chose an amazing Teal paint by Olympic. I can’t wait until it’s finished. I think it will look amazing with my sea green chairs!

Cheers, ya’ll!



I’ve been debating on placing topiaries on each side of our front door. I looked at a lot of pictures and in the end I decided to make a succulent garden. It’s perfect for me because you don’t have to water it very much, they can handle high heat, and can be grown in containers. I don’t have a green thumb, so I think these are perfect. I also added a Jasmine Ivy that will bloom white flowers. I wanted a different texture and something to drape down the side of the container. I used some planters that I already had (I killed the trees that were in them). I bought my succulents at Wal-Mart. They cost anywhere between $2.50 and $4.00 a piece. I think they make the front porch look really nice. What do you think?

plants 006plants 007

plants 008

I plan on adding some gravel or other texture around them, but didn’t have any on hand. Meanwhile, I sanded and primed my rocking chairs this morning. A coat of green apple paint will, hopefully, be applied tomorrow. Stay tuned for the before and after pictures!



Rocking Chairs

I promise I haven’t been ignoring my blogging duties, it’s just that we’ve been on a long break from updating. I guess you kinda get burnt out after a while. There hasn’t been anything to report, so that’s why I’ve been away.

Today Jeff took me by our local hardware store because I’ve been wanting some rocking chairs for our front porch. We got two for $60! They aren’t anything special, but hey they were only $30 a piece and now we have somewhere to sit outside.

The chairs are weathered, so I will have to clean them up and paint or stain them. I honestly don’t know what I want to do, that is why I’m asking for your help. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to paint the front screen door a dark teal color. The lantern is a oil-rubbed bronze and so will be the railing. The actual front door will probably be a natural warm wood. Also, don’t forget that Jeff is building me this:


I can’t decide if I want to just stain the rocking chairs and the daybed swing to match, or do something funky with the rocking chairs. Right now my front porch is looking pretty bland, not to mention dirty. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

rocking chairs 001

rocking chairs 004


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Smith Westerns

Sometimes it’s good to get away and clear your mind. Heavy matters have been all around us as of late. It feels good to escape for a little while. Jeff and I like to do this by listening to music. Our favorite place to chill is at the Bottletree in Birmingham. It’s a café’, but it also has a stage where bands play just about every night. It’s been a favorite over the years. We haven’t had time to enjoy this form of entertainment since we have moved North, but our new home is closer to Birmingham than the last. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy good tunes more often now. Sometimes you just have to make time.

If you haven’t heard of the Smith Westerns, you should check them out! They formed in 2007. The members of the band are really young, but really talented. They hail from Chicago.

I haven’t perfected the art of taking “concert” pictures, but I really enjoy all the colors from the lights. I try to look at my shots more as art than actually realistic representation. Let me know what you think!

s 010s 022s 023s 028s 029s 030s 034s 036s 044s 058s 060

The highlight of my evening is when Jeff sang (along with the band) “Weekend” to me. Take a listen. Weekend- Smith Westerns.


I am Alabama

I am Alabama.

I am weeping.

The soil soaks up my tears.

I cry because of things lost.

Not wood or brick.

Not trees or cars.

I cry for the souls.

The souls unprepared.

The souls caught off-guard.

They are gone for eternity.

My soil is damp.

My heart is torn.

And yet I feel hope.

My heart is still beating, because…

I am Alabama.