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Baby Everett You are 9 Months Old!

You know I love you, right?  BUT oh. my. stars!  You are a path of destruction!!!  I can barely keep up with you, even with Elijah telling on you nonstop.  Mama, never quite expected this!  Now I know why people are always saying kids keep you young.  If you are not wrapped on my back, we are all three running around the house trying to find you.

Here are some things you love to get into:

  • you love to crawl to the tub and push all the bottles off the side into the tub.
  • toilet paper.  need I say more.
  • anything on the ground you eat.  bugs, paper, food, dirt, hair…maybe I should sweep more.
  • anything in your brother’s room.  we clean.  you destroy.



You popped out your second tooth about a week after your first, so last month.  It didn’t hurt you nearly as bad.

You don’t say any new words, but babble ALL the time!

You fall asleep in the car.  You love your new car seat.

You only say “mama” when you cry.

You still smile at EVERYONE.  They love to see your toothy grin.

I haven’t found a single food you don’t like to eat.  You seriously love ALL food, like your brother.

You are sleeping in your crib like a champ, and usually only wake up around 5:30am.

You currently, and have for about a month, walk all around the room holding on to furniture.

You can even stand up while holding on to smooth surfaces, like cabinets and walls.

You crawl properly now, with your tummy off the floor.

Daddy bought us a new wrap for my birthday.  It’s a rainbow wrap since you are my rainbow baby.  You love it, and often grab and chew on it.  I think you like all the colors.

IMG_20140417_195939501 IMG_20140416_180727348

We had an amazing 1st Easter as a family.  I hope to come back and add the family pictures we took on here.  For now, here is one of all the kiddos at church:



Update on your adoption.  The case worker just came by this week.  They are still waiting on some of your medical information from the hospital.  After all that comes in, they have to write up a report and get papers for us to sign, then we go to court.  So, just more waiting.  We are praying to be finished with it all in May, but it could take until June.

We love you so much BooBoos!  You are growing up to be an incredible young man.  You seem to have the best personality.  I can barely remember when they placed you in our arms at 4 days old.  You are such a big boy now, and we grow more and more in love with you every day.



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Bookcase Bench




Bookshelf 002 Bookshelf 005 Bookshelf 006 Bookshelf 008 Bookshelf 010


Yay!!!  Jeff built Elijah this amazing bench to lay on and read.  Now he has the perfect little reading nook!  I love it, and he loves it, everybody loves it!  It’s so nice to have a place to store all his books.  We’ve already filled it up!  The basket in the middle has puzzles in it.  I love you hubby!

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The Memphis Trip

This is a few weeks late, but I really wanted to document our first time (as a family) going to the MSOP lectureship.  This is something Jeff and I have gone to every year, but this was the first time getting to bring the littles.  It’s so great to be spiritually uplifted and see lifelong friends.  Some of our greatest and dearest friends are at the lectures every year!  We really enjoy getting to catch up with the Manning clan.  Usually the whole family is there and we all get to visit, eat, and play a little disc golf.  This year they didn’t disappoint.  We had a blast!  We also got to catch up with Kara MacAfee, Cassidy Reynolds (and family), the Richardsons, the Cates, all of the Independence Crew, a lot of the families from our class (we missed you Kate and Nate), and many other families!  A lot of ya’ll have been following us via blog, facebook, or instagram, so it was your first time seeing baby Everett’s face and meeting them both in person.  It meant so much to us when you would comment about how you had been following us on our journey and praying for us and our children.  Honestly it means the world!  I was brought to tears many times, by the kind thoughts and hugs.

It’s so wonderful and uplifting to get to sing praises to God and hear sound lessons in his word each day and night.  We especially loved the topic this year and felt it gave us a good push to keep going strong for the Lord even if adversities arise.   It’s incredibly special to be around like-minded Christians that can relate in almost every way to life in the ministry.  It’s such a blessed, wonderful life.  It’s always so much easier when you are a Christian.  One of my favorite parts is how BIG our family is in Christ!  We have brothers and sisters all over the world.  Memphis lectures are like a giant homecoming for us!  I’ll stop rambling now, and post pics. 🙂

IMG_20140330_182428221 IMG_20140330_182436713all loaded up and ready to go!


chillin’ out at the hotel room in our jammies.


can’t do Memphis without a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Mannings!


Elijah’s first time playing disc golf and getting to meet Jerry Manning…his life has been changed forever!

IMG_20140402_212919667 IMG_20140402_212930464

then there was the night when a drunk guy in the hotel pulled the fire alarm and my baby fell and hit his head.  Ouch!

IMG_20140402_163531920 IMG_20140402_180648366

it got all better with “arm painting!”


sushi on a conveyor belt…don’t mind if I do!  This is the stuff of dreams!

IMG_20140403_102431392 IMG_20140403_143830225_HDR

Homeward Bound.

The End.


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Doing the No Poo Thing Again

I think last time I tried it for two weeks, and quit.  I’m sure you’ve seen all the blog posts about people giving up shampoo and traditional conditioner and using baking soda and Apple Cider vinegar.  If not, it really is just to give your hair a break from all the chemicals we put in it and to let your hair become shiny with your natural oils again.

I have dry curly hair.  Lately it’s been doing some crazy mess.  I contribute it to Everett, chewing, pulling, and spitting up on it.  My hair is having a hard time.  It’s impossible to keep him out of my hair when he’s on my back most of the day or using it to pull himself up to standing position the rest of the day.  I’ve threatened to “go pixie” multiple times, but I really want to let it grow out.

In comes, no poo.  I haven’t been happy with any of the sulfate, paraben free shampoos I’ve been using, so I thought I’d give it a go again.  The best blog that I’ve seen for curly hair is this: small bird studios.  Here is the post with the actual directions and measurements.  I think last time I used too much baking soda and not enough ACV.  Also, I really want to curl my hair without it looking frizzy and without applying heat.  So this is what I did after I showered.

definitely going to try this!


I also added my favorite essential oils to the ACV and water.  When I got out of the shower I dried my hair with Jeff’s t-shirt.  The only thing I put on my hair was Argan oil.  Then I put it up in this headband thing.  Later in the day it was drying slowly, so I blow dried it on low for just a couple of minutes while it was still in the headband.  It started looking frizzy, so I took it down, put more Argan oil and then put it back up in the headband.  After I took a nap I let it all down and it was completely dry and really curly.  Here is a picture of it the next day:


My hair has never looked this good curled, not even with heat.  It’s always super frizzy, so I was shocked.  Again, I know I’ve only done this one day.  It has been about 3 days and I haven’t washed it again.  It’s still not frizzy or oily.  Here is what it looks like today:

IMG_20140417_122727562_HDR IMG_20140417_122713467


Also, I must mention that last time I did this, even after the first shampoo, my hair looked oily.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been sulfate free for a few years now or what, but after I shampooed with the baking soda (I didn’t put it on my ends), and conditioned with the ACV (I didn’t put it on my roots), my hair looked SO clean!  No oil.  I’ve only washed it once, so I don’t know if I’ll go through a grunge period like last time or not.  Maybe I’ll stick with it and blog about it….but then again…I’m pretty lazy.  Oh, and the two kids thing.


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Happy 4th Birthday Elijah!


I can’t believe you are four sweet boy!  You turned 4 on 4.14.14  How cool is that?  Today was YOUR day!  You got to choose what you wanted to eat for breakfast and you chose cereal over pancakes, eggs, or even cinnamon rolls!  We watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates (your favorite), we colored, and then we went to chickfila for lunch.  You ate 6 chicken nuggets, a fruit cup, and chocolate milk.  You played on the playground for a long time!  Nanny and PawPaw sent you a huge package of books and puzzles for Easter, and you also got to open some presents from some very special people.  You have very special friends that are in India and wanted you to have traditional Indian pajamas and a cool rocket blaster!  They love you so much, and miss you dearly.  We can’t wait for the day that ya’ll are all reunited.  We showed you pictures of a map and taught you where India is.  We learned cool facts about India and saw pictures of children in India.  We also looked at pictures of you when you were just a little baby and all the pictures we have of your first three years of life.  You’ve talked about the homes you have grown up in, and we explained that THIS will always be your home.  You said, “Yes, this is my FOREVER home!”  We are so happy that you have permanency and are well adjusted.

You’ve been sung Happy Birthday multiple times today!  Every time someone calls and sings to you you just smile so big.  You asked for, “just PB&J for supper,” so I’ll see what I can do about that. 🙂  I will do an updated post after we have your party, but I just wanted to write about your actual birthday today.

Thank you for being such an amazing, sweet, little boy.  You are so smart and so kind.  You have wonderful manners and we are so proud of the little boy you have become.

Happy Fourth Birthday Elijah!

Love, Mama and Dada

Elijah's 4th Birthday 010

standing on top of India, in your PJs from India!

Elijah's 4th Birthday 019 Elijah's 4th Birthday 026 Elijah's 4th Birthday 028 Elijah's 4th Birthday 034 Elijah's 4th Birthday 038

helping Daddy put the rocket together

Elijah's 4th Birthday 045 Elijah's 4th Birthday 049


*Update: we totally all ate PB&J’s together and we also got a cookie cake:

You are soooo cute blowing out your candles!  I love you!


**Update on Indian Clothing:  the clothes are not pajamas, as many suppose. The term for shirt in India is “kurta”. The term for pants in India is “pajama”. When the British first came here, they found Indian clothing much more comfortable than their “woollens”. The British empire found out about it and demanded they get back into proper uniform. So, the soldiers would wear their uniform while in public and change into “pajamas” as soon as they got home. This carried over to the western world as “pajamas” being clothing you sleep in or lounge around your house in.



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Baby Everett You are 8 Months Old

and you look more like a little boy than a baby!  You are so tall!  You were 8 months old on the 29th of March.  It is now April.  We went out of town the day after you turned 8 months, so I’m just now blogging about it.

Dear Everett, you are my wild child.  As we speak you are trying to flip over your Excersaucer.  Just a few minutes before that you found out how to jump out of your crib onto our bed.  You wiggle, squirm, bounce, and everything else when we hold you.  You can crawl so fast, and get to anything you want.  Right now you love to crawl towards laundry baskets, the coffee table, the couch, and anything else you can pull up on!


You love people.  I mean really love them.  You have never met a stranger, and give everyone a BIG grin.  You will let anyone hold you.  You still favor Mama and Dada, and of course big brother.  You hate it when I leave the room.  You will crawl after me from room to room.  When I am in the same room as you, you crawl all over me and pull up by pulling on my clothes….you do this to anyone that will let you.

You just cut your first tooth!  It took about a week to break the skin, and it’s still not all the way out.  I could tell it hurt you a lot.  We tried to do everything we could to soothe you.  I’ve been carrying you a lot and that stops you from crying.  You also have only been waking up once a night for the past week and a half!  The whole family is excited to get a bit more sleep!

You are incredibly good at peek-a-boo.  You pull the covers up and down over your face.  It’s probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.


We had a busy month!  You got to go to the zoo in Montgomery.  We met your friend Callie and Elijah’s friend Caleb.  We had a blast looking at the animals.




We just got back in town after a trip to Memphis Tennessee.  It was your first time leaving the state!  You did so well, despite the lack of naps you got.  We went to visit daddy’s college for a lectureship.  We ate at many restaurants, got to see lots of friends, and you even played disc golf for the first time!  You were on Mama’s back of course, but I got to play about 8 baskets with you back there until you fell asleep.


You are eating SO much.  You have loved everything we have fed you.  I think you are going to have a big appetite like your brother.

The biggest news of your life (and ours) right now is that we should be signing papers this month for your adoption!  We are praying everything goes smoothly and we can go to court real soon to make it all official!  We love you so much little guy.  You make us so happy!