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Cute Little Ramblings

I was trying to use up some groceries tonight, so I just scrambled eggs and cooked frozen biscuits.  Half way through his eggs he looked at me and said, “Thank you for making (bringing) us food Mommy.”  It sounded like bringing, but I think he said making.

A few minutes later he says, “Hey Mommy, Keira stinks a real bad.”

When I was buckling him in the car today he said, “Where Meshach at Mommy?”  He’s in the Bible (not a great answer, but I was caught off guard) I said…”and Abednego?” he asked.

I’m just baffled that the kid perfectly pronounced their names…  We had been talking about them earlier, because he learned all about them and the fiery furnace at VBS.

We were able to plant a little garden with the “Learning Garden” program.  On my way to work he sees it and says, “Look at the mommy scarecrow and the daddy scarecrow”….then he will yell, “Hello mommy scarecrow and daddy scarecrow.”

Right now E and daddy are putting together a puzzle.  E said, “We are building together, Daddy!”

“You cheesed me Mommy,” when I pretended to take his picture!  haha

Every sentence he says, Mommy or Daddy.  It feels so good.  He loves life and he loves learning.  Less and less is he calling this his “New Home”…now he says, “There’s my house, Mommy!”

I don’t think we will have any problems when it comes to homeschooling him.  He’s smart as a whip!

He does really cute and smart things every day.  I wish I had a pen and pad handy to write them all down.  By the time I make it to the computer I’ve forgotten most of it. 😦

I also want to share with ya’ll who the people in his prayer are (from yesterday’s post.)  He prayed for Jon-Marq which a 9 year old(?) little boy from church.  If you ever hear him say, where my friend at mommy?…that’s who he is talking about.  Then, Wilson is his 18 month old friend that we have playdates with.  He talks about him almost everyday.  Lastly he prayed for Ms. Zadie.  She is a 92 year old widow that I watch everyday.  E comes with me 3 or 4 days a week.  He cuddles up in her lap and she kisses all over him.  If I don’t bring him with me she gets really upset!  It’s amazing what a 3 year old can do for a 92 year old…more than I ever could.  So, that is his little world.  Maybe one day daddy and me will make his list! 😛

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E’s First Prayer <3

My sweet baby just said his first prayer.  I had to write it down so I’d never forget.

“Dear God.  Thank you for this day.  Thank you for all the fun we had today.  Thank you for Jon-Marq, Wilson, thank you for Ms. Zadie.  (insert babbling) Amen.”

He was pretending to put me to sleep in his bed.  He gave me a kiss and then prayed to me.  He got a chair turned off the light and then softly closed the door…then he peeped in to make sure I was sleeping (we have to do this with him).

Awww ya’ll, my heart is so full!!!  He has two songs he likes to sing.

“We’re on our way to Heaven, we’re on our way to Heaven.”  Then he will sing, “Bible,” over and over again.  Like this, ” Biiiiiiiible, biiiiiible, biiiiiiible.”

Today we got to go swimming.  He was jumping off the side and I was catching him.  After a while he said, “You jump in Mommy and I’ll catch you.”  He got a little booboo at some point during the day.  When he is hurting he says, “It’s hurting real badder, Mommy.”  He will also say, “I got blood.”  He thinks he needs a band-aid for every scrap and bruise.  Magically he stops crying and whining after I give him one.  I don’t know what they are putting in band-aids these days, but they “got the power”.

This little baby talks about Bible Class all day long.  He often asks where Mrs. Darla is.  He loves his teachers!  He memorizes facts like no body’s business.  I can’t believe he is only 3.  Most people think he is older too.  I’m going to take a picture of his hands compared to mine one day for ya’ll.  He has big hands and broad shoulders.

After swimming today he ate 2 slices of pizza, salt and vinegar chips, an oreo, a nutter butter, and a handful of goldfish!  I’m just wondering how much he will throw down when he is a teen!  Right now he eats as much if not more than me!

His favorite songs are, “I don’t want to be a goat, NOPE…I just want to be a sheep, BAAA,” and “The Wheels on the Bus GO Round and Round.”

I just bought a Smash Book for him so I can start his “Life Book.”  All foster and adopted children need a life book.  They all have questions about where they came from and about their pasts.  I never want my children to wonder.  I don’t like secrets and I don’t plan on keeping any from my children.  There is no shame in being adopted.  They will always know.  I’ve bought multiple books on adoption and foster care for my future children, but I haven’t found one that is the exact story as our kids will have.  Each child is different and each story is different.  I have found there aren’t many children’s books about being adopted out of foster care.  SO, I plan on making my own.  Complete with pictures of our day to day life and little sayings they say every day.  That way they will always know.  No secrets.

Feeling blessed beyond what I deserve.


Getting over Self, so You can be a Blessing to Others

My heart is bursting ya’ll!  Bursting!  Five, yes 5, of our teens have decided to put on Christ in baptism.  I am thinking about them tonight as they lay their heads down on their pillows with a clean slate.  I remember when I was baptized and how pure and clean I felt when I went to sleep that first night.  I knew Christ had taken all my sins away and washed me clean.  It’s an amazing feeling.  We are certainly rejoicing over here in the Stacy home for these new babes in Christ!  We are so excited about their journey and pray they will know we will always be here for them to lean on.

We heard an amazing lesson tonight for our last night of VBS.  It was about endurance.  Keep on keeping on.  There are so many trials in life.  Sometimes we get so swallowed up in our own pain and trials that we forget about others and their struggles.  I know personally I have a really hard time seeing past my issues that I forget to minister to others.  It’s so easy to wallow in self-pity when you are hurting.  We learn that we gain patience from the trials that we endure.  But we have to move forward.  Always.  We can’t stay in the past as Christians.

Christians are supposed to be happy and let their light’s shine so others may learn of God.  During our first few years struggling to conceive, I don’t think my light was shining very bright.  Infertility is hard.  It’s lonely.  There is so much strain on your marriage.  It was hard for me to put a smile on my face and face the world.  I’d honestly rather be alone.  Alone is safe.  It’s been 5 1/2 years.  I’d like to think that I have changed.  That I have grown.  That I’m a better person because of my trials.

I know a lot of you have messaged, emailed, texted, and called to share your stories with me.  I think of you often.  It’s really hard for me to get back in touch with each one of you, but you are on my mind.  Always.  I would never wish this path on my worst enemy.  I ache for you all.  I don’t have any words of comfort.  It’s a long, tough battle.  Please don’t be like me and forget that your friends and family are going through struggles and pain too.  It’s really easy to forget and focus on self.  Everyone has struggles and everyone is facing millions of little things and big things that get them down.  It helps if you get past your struggles so you can minister to them.  It’s not easy, but if you don’t do something you will keep sinking and sinking.

I felt “sunk” for a long, long time.  Bitter even.

I can’t go to baby showers.   It’s not that I don’t want my friends to be happy, it’s not that I’m not happy for them.  I just cannot handle baby showers.  Let me celebrate with you privately.  I just can’t hold it together.  I think  a lot of people who have never struggled to conceive get confused about things like this.  Those of us who cannot have biological children are honestly happy for you.  I’ve never been angry about a friend of family member who has conceived.  I know you might feel awkward around those of us who cannot, but we DON’T blame you for our reproductive problems!  We aren’t crazy or savage.  Oh, and we still love kids and babies!  It’s just hard, because we are sad.  It’s hard to handle all the emotions.  When you want your family to grow and you want to create this being with your soulmate, but no matter what you do you cannot.  You just hurt.  Friends and family, please don’t take this personally.  Also, don’t take it personally if we cannot make it to your baby showers.  Feel free to invite us, but don’t get upset if we can’t make it.  It’s a struggle to go down the baby aisle right now.

I’m off my soapbox.  This post was intended to be about blessings.  I am truly blessed.  We are truly blessed.  God has given us more than we deserve.

Thank you Dear Father for my baby boy.  What a precious gift you have blessed our family with.

The days are uncertain.  They are always uncertain.  But we know you have a plan.  A plan for our family.

Thank you for each day you have given us with this child.  Thank you for each smile, each kiss.  Thank you for his eyes full of wonder.

Thank you for giving us the ability to care and nurture him.  To teach him about your creation.  Thank you for 10 fingers to grasp his little hands.

Thank you for your church and your people providing us with a warm home to shelter him in.  Warm food to fill his little pot-belly with.

Clean water to wash his fine blond hair with.  I often think of your people in Guyana, South America and all the little babies down there.

They only had dirty well water, but their mommies kept them so clean and fresh.  I feel so blessed to be raising a child in America, where he will never go hungry or cold.

Oh dear God, thank you for letting me be your child.  I can more clearly see your love for me by my love for him.

I plan to teach him your ways Oh Lord and pray for him to always love your church.

Thank you.

No post is complete with out some pictures of our Little E!  We took him to his first BIG movie today.  We got to see Rise of the Guardians.  It was really good and the whole family enjoyed it.  Afterwards we ate some Chick-fil-a and let him ride the carousel.   We came home, took a long nap and headed to VBS.  Two sisters were added to Christ in baptism (love ya’ll Madison and AJ) and then we enjoyed fellowship and homemade ice cream.  It was the perfect day!  We are so blessed!

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3 Weeks of E

Today E’s social worker came by.  It was her second visit since E has been with us.  She is required to do a visit in our home after a week and then once a month just to see how he is doing in his new home.  Today’s visit went much better than the first.  He wasn’t bad at all at the first one, he just didn’t want her to leave.  After she left he kept asking for her and whining.  He also told me the next day that she told him this was his new home.

Today’s visit went very well.  I told him she was coming about 10 minutes before she arrived.  I explained to him that she was just coming to visit with him and not going to take him anywhere.  He was going to stay at his home with Mommy.  He asked for her for the first five minutes and ran to the door to see if she was here yet.  I got him to sit down and eat some supper.  When she arrived he was excited and talked a lot, told her to come to his room, etc.  He only interrupted us two or three times.  Mostly he just played in the floor with his Mr. Potato Head toy.  When she went to get her keys he started saying bye (didn’t even look up).  She was shocked because he used to cry when she would say bye.  After she left, that was it…he didn’t mention her again.

I think this is a big step for him.  Apparently children who have been in foster care for a while with the same worker get attached, because they become something familiar to them.  I was really proud of him.

He asks about his last family less and less.  He seems very happy.  We took him to camp this week.  I brought him home after one night.  He didn’t sleep a wink with all the kids in and out, going to bed so late, waking up so early…it was too much for him.  We went back for a day, so he could play.  He LOVES camp, just not sleeping at camp.  I found out that he really likes baseball and football.  He is a daredevil and jumps into water with no fear.  He doesn’t know how to hold his nose or close his mouth!  He scares me to death!  We are definitely going to have to work on that.  At one point during camp, some adults were sitting in chairs in a circle and E went around to all of us and hugged and kissed us!  Boys, girls, men, women, no one was getting skipped when it came to E’s lovin’.  It was so sweet.  He loves everyone he meets and usually will greet them with a hug.

E finished his summer reading program at the local library.  They gave him a shirt and a free happy meal for reading 12 books this summer…well, in 2 weeks!  He was really proud.  They are having a pizza/icecream/face painting party tomorrow.  We are super excited about that.

As far as sleeping at home goes, he is doing awesome.  We have a bedtime routine.  After we tuck him in and kiss him he never cries and sleeps through the night until 8am.  He still takes naps, so that’s pretty awesome for mommy.

It’s a blast having a three year old.  He keeps us so busy.  He soaks everything up.  Discipline is difficult.  For example, if I say don’t splash in that water, he will splash in it at least one more time…if not three.  If he was my birth child or adopted child I would pop his little legs.  Since he’s not, all I can do is time out or take away privileges.  That gets frustrating.  He does have a tender heart and is really upset if we get upset, but he still pushes buttons everyday.  He also gets this sassy, “OKay, Mom!” attitude.  It’s easy to envision him as a teenager when he does that.  It totally reminds me of myself at 13.  Ughhh!

Other crazy news…on Tuesday I had what the doctor thought was a cyst burst.  I’m not going to go into details, but I am curious if any of ya’ll have had that happen.  I would really love to talk to someone.  It was pretty scary and painful.  We have a lot of amazing friends and neighbors that rushed to my aide.  I have no idea how I would have gotten through it without them, and my hubby who took awesome care of me and E.  I feel so blessed.  When you go through something so painful, it makes you grateful to be alive and well through the other days.  I thank my God for pain-free days and for my health.

Fertility-wise, it means I will be back to the doctor soon and will probably have surgery sometime this year.  Please keep us in your prayers.