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I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself…

I seriously don’t.  Last night the boys slept in a room together…without ME!  Up until this point, baby Everett has been in our room.  Let’s go back to the beginning.

One year ago today at precisely 6:00pm a little tiny, shriveled ball of colicy, jaundicey, gorgeousness was handed over to me.  He weighed exactly 7lbs.  Our first night he slept on my chest and we did skin to skin, so he could get use to my heartbeat and smell.  I also tried to nurse and a week or so later ordered a supplementer.  Probably for the first 2 months he slept on my chest, when he did sleep.  Baby Everett wasn’t very fond of sleeping.  He also was a very impatient eater, and would get easily frustrated with the Lact-Aid.  It came out too slow and he wouldn’t latch without a shield.  It was a hard few months.

He moved from off my chest to in my arms at night.  He would lay on his back in the crook of my arm and we’d sleep.  I slowly transitioned him to his crib, which was up next to my bed.  I hated to have him away from me, even if it was less than a foot.  He still woke up multiple times, and I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t there.  We bought a few toys.  One played white noise and the other was a sea horse that played lullabies and had a glowing belly.  I turn them on and he’d go to sleep.  He used to wake between 3-5 times a night.  I am not a believer in cry it out.  EVERY TIME, and I mean every single time Everett woke up in the night it was because he was wet or hungry.  I never ignored him.  I would pull him over, change him, and get his bottle.

Everett started sleeping through the night between 9 and 10 months.  Usually he would wake around 5 or 6 am and want a change and bottle.  Again, I would pull him over and attend to his needs and then cuddle back to sleep until 8.  It has been the most perfect routine for both of us the last few months.  Lately he has been sleeping a full 12 hours straight in his crib.  Last night Jeff and I decided to let him sleep in his crib in Elijah’s room/the nursery.  I didn’t hear a peep out of that room until 8:30 this morning.  They were up and playing.  I’m not sure what time they got up, because they were so quiet!

I’m very excited that their first night together went perfectly, but secretly disappointed.  I knew this night would come, but I didn’t know how useless I would feel.  I don’t know if it will last, but I know it’s for the best if it does.  It’s really hard because I don’t know if we will ever have a baby in the house again, and this all happened in a blink of an eye!

Anyways, I wanted to write this because I know everyone has an opinion on bed sharing, co-sleeping, etc.  My advice is just learn your baby’s cues.  I just wanted Everett to feel comfortable and safe in our home.  Would it have been easier to let him cry it out alone in another room while sitting in his pee soaked diaper?  I don’t think so.  I’m not judging anyone and their methods.  Different things work for different families and babies.

I just wanted to share our experience, because I wouldn’t change a second of it.  It worked out so perfectly.  Even though we spent 9 months getting up and down in the night, I knew that I was doing what is best for my baby.  Also, if nursing would had been successful, he probably would still be nursing through the night.  Which would be totally fine.

I think parents should listen to their children’s needs.  Even as a baby, they can tell you so much through their cries.  I didn’t read a book on sleep training a child,  I just read my child’s signs.

We are an adoptive family.  We got Everett when he was four days old, straight from the hospital.  This is just what worked for us.  It was perfect.  Now, I’m terribly sad all my morning snuggles are over (he’s not one for snuggling any other time…except when wrapped).


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Baby Everett You are 11 Months Old

June 29th, 2014

DSC_8738 DSC_8778 DSC_8804 DSC_8814

Wow.  I really can’t believe it!  One more month and you will be a year old!  We love you so much little guy.  We never knew we could be this happy.  You bring so much joy to our lives.  You wake up with a smile on your face and continue smiling all day long.  You are such a good baby.  You hardly ever fuss or whine….even when you are really, really tired.

You still love to be worn.  We go everywhere together and do everything together.


 Your first time at church camp…checking out the horses.


 You are so good when we go shopping!


Just chilling out around the house.


You are so adventurous in your eating.  I haven’t found anything you won’t eat.  Spicy, sour, sweet, hot, cold…though you do prefer it if it’s not in a spoon.




ice cream






 oranges and mangos


this is what you look like when you are finished eating…food from your head to your toes!

You love the outdoors.



You love to swim and be in the water.

You love being a big boy.  You are now drinking out of a sippy cup, straw, and regular cup.  Your newest trick is drinking bath water!  Ewwww….


big boy drinking out of a sippy now…I don’t know why I waited so late to teach you!


drinking out of a sports bottle at camp with Kait Kait!

You and your brother are so alike in so many ways.

  1. you both get beads of sweat on your noses when you are hot, (ya’ll both are hot natured).
  2. you both are light sleepers…very light sleepers.
  3. both of you HAVE to have a nap or your ill for the rest of the day…and super hyper.
  4. you both LOVE to eat.  EVERYTHING!
  5. both love outdoors and swimming.
  6. you both have big hands and feet.
  7. both have beautiful olive complexions, button noses, dimples, and beautiful smiles.
  8. you both love people and go out of your way to get attention.  You will even turn around in your highchair and stare at people while they are eating!
  9. both daddy’s boys.
  10. both love books, Elijah likes to read them, you like to eat them!


This month we celebrated Father’s Day!  It was awesome to see your dada have his very first Father’s Day!  Ya’ll make him so happy.  I pray you both grow up to be Godly men like your father.  He works so hard for our family and takes such good care of us.  Your daddy always puts us and our needs first and is the best leader for our home.  I could not have picked a more perfect, gentle, loving, sacrificial man to be my husband.

Father's Day


You have 5 teeth now.

You still only say, “hey” “dada” “Lijah<<sometimes

When I say no you shake your head no.

When someone says “Yay” you clap, also if you see someone on T.V. clapping you start.


I’ve been making a lot of cloth diapers and you are the perfect little model!


sweet baby in your jammies.  We love these two piece jammies!  Way easier to change your diaper.


Stay tuned for next month!  I think we are going for a hungry caterpillar themed birthday for you.  I think we just might do something quiet and just as a family.  Maybe we will go to an aquarium or something.

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Baby Everett You are 9 Months Old!

You know I love you, right?  BUT oh. my. stars!  You are a path of destruction!!!  I can barely keep up with you, even with Elijah telling on you nonstop.  Mama, never quite expected this!  Now I know why people are always saying kids keep you young.  If you are not wrapped on my back, we are all three running around the house trying to find you.

Here are some things you love to get into:

  • you love to crawl to the tub and push all the bottles off the side into the tub.
  • toilet paper.  need I say more.
  • anything on the ground you eat.  bugs, paper, food, dirt, hair…maybe I should sweep more.
  • anything in your brother’s room.  we clean.  you destroy.



You popped out your second tooth about a week after your first, so last month.  It didn’t hurt you nearly as bad.

You don’t say any new words, but babble ALL the time!

You fall asleep in the car.  You love your new car seat.

You only say “mama” when you cry.

You still smile at EVERYONE.  They love to see your toothy grin.

I haven’t found a single food you don’t like to eat.  You seriously love ALL food, like your brother.

You are sleeping in your crib like a champ, and usually only wake up around 5:30am.

You currently, and have for about a month, walk all around the room holding on to furniture.

You can even stand up while holding on to smooth surfaces, like cabinets and walls.

You crawl properly now, with your tummy off the floor.

Daddy bought us a new wrap for my birthday.  It’s a rainbow wrap since you are my rainbow baby.  You love it, and often grab and chew on it.  I think you like all the colors.

IMG_20140417_195939501 IMG_20140416_180727348

We had an amazing 1st Easter as a family.  I hope to come back and add the family pictures we took on here.  For now, here is one of all the kiddos at church:



Update on your adoption.  The case worker just came by this week.  They are still waiting on some of your medical information from the hospital.  After all that comes in, they have to write up a report and get papers for us to sign, then we go to court.  So, just more waiting.  We are praying to be finished with it all in May, but it could take until June.

We love you so much BooBoos!  You are growing up to be an incredible young man.  You seem to have the best personality.  I can barely remember when they placed you in our arms at 4 days old.  You are such a big boy now, and we grow more and more in love with you every day.



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Growing Like a Weed

So, you know how people say their children are climbing up the walls?  I just thought that was a joke.  I mean, how do you actually climb up a wall?  Well, it’s true little boy…you actually CLIMBED the wall today.


And obviously since you know how to climb walls you know how to climb your crib.  You now pull yourself up on the bars, so you can prop up on them and talk to us.  Don’t worry, our bed is squished up to the crib and if you ever figure how to climb out you’d land on the bed.  I suppose it’s time to drop your crib down to the lower level.

I know this isn’t your 8 month post, but you have changed the most this month and I feel a mid-month post is due.  You are saying, “Dada,” and “Hey!” all the time.  It’s super cute.  You will climb over me in the mornings and say, “Hey!” Then you climb over to Dada and say, “Hey, Dada!”

Why do you have to be so big!?!

I took you in the shower with me the other day.  I wasn’t sure how you would do with the water spraying.  Well, you LOVED it!  You kept trying to “catch” the water in your hands.  You’re so adorable!  I bathed you in the kitchen sink, and switched the nozzle to spray, you did the same thing.  You were amazed.

You have started sticking out your tongue.  Not in a mean way, just in a discovery way.  You will smile and stick out your little tongue at the same time, which in turn produces oodles of slobber to run down your face.

You have learned the “throw it down and get someone to pick it up” game.  haha…not

Whenever someone else is holding you, and you see Mama you will stick your arms out and dive for me.  I secretly love this!  I love that you know I’m your Mama and you want to be in my arms.

You have refused to sleep!  You still fall asleep on your own, with little convincing, but you never stay asleep!  You are waking up every two hours and when you wake up you try to stay up!  This has been going on for two weeks now.  I feel like I have a newborn again!  They say when your baby has “developmental leaps” their sleep patterns change or are disturbed….something like that.

The weather is getting really nice, so we’ve been taking you and your brother outside a bit lately.  Daddy needed to fix his bike so we could start going on rides…you decided to help him:


Keira looks like she was guarding you.  She does that a lot.  When you sleep, she’s right by your side.  She’s very protective, though she still doesn’t want to play with you (you like to pull hair, remember?)  This was Daddy’s first time wearing you.  🙂  I wonder if he will be addicted to it like me?  I’m making a Mei Tai, so we can wear you at the zoo this weekend!  Hopefully I’ll be done by then.

You and Elijah got to ride in the bike trailer.  You fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

IMG_20140314_131604813That’s you snoozing on the other side of Elijah!  You were snug as a bug back there!  We went down the trail and then had a picnic by the water.  You didn’t dare stay asleep for that.

IMG_20140314_134056506Here’s you and Mama snuggling, on our picnic.


And here are your not so tiny feet.  They are so sweet and ticklish!



Hey Elijah!!!  You will be 4 next month!  What!?!  I can’t believe we will have a 4 year old.  You’re practically grown…well, you think you are.  🙂  We have been doing some school stuff at home.  So far you can count to 20, say your ABC’s, know all your colors, learning your shapes, can write (almost by yourself) and recognize your name, color inside the lines, quote about 10 memory verses!  We are so proud of you.  You are going to be a super genius! I’m still debating on what “kind” of party to throw you.  I guess I need to start working on that.  You said you wanted to swim and go to a restaurant!  When I asked you what kind of cake you wanted you said, Banilla. 😛

IMG_20140311_113437775We love to go on walks.  Your favorite is still riding your bike, while Dada, Mama, Everett, Keira, and Samson walk!  We have a great neighborhood to walk or ride!  Here’s looking for many sunny days to play, my sweet boy!

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Yawn-burps and Sneeze-toots…

are pretty prevalent around the Stacy household with little Everett around!  It’s so cute, I can’t help but to laugh.  Why are usually embarrassing/gross things for adults to do so funny and cute when a baby does it?  Haha.


Everett you are 4 months old and growing up so fast.  You could cut that out you know?  Even though you are only 4 months old you are already trying to take off your velcro diapers.  In the early morning I will hear…RIP! and you will have your diaper half way off!  Your not suppose to know how to do that!  This month has by far had the most changes.  Your personality is coming out!  You love to be tickled and kissed.  I’m always giving you raspberries on your belly…you just laugh and giggle so hard!

You can now spot something you want and then grab it and pull it into your mouth.  Everything goes into your mouth!  Your favorite things to chew are your burp clothes and blankets and of course your fingers, or any other fingers you can grab!  You chew mine a lot and although you have no teeth, it still hurts really bad!

You are also on the move.  We will lay you on your back on the floor and in a few minutes you are across the room!  I have never seen a baby crawl on their back!  You also kick your way around on your belly too!  I can’t believe you are so fast already!  I think you are going to be an early crawler, walker, and talker!

When I lay you on your back on my legs, you try to pull yourself up into a sitting position.  It’s crazy how strong you are.  You spend most of your days in your walker and bumbo because you like to be up and looking around.  I’ve actually seen you throw things off your walker.

Big brother Elijah is still your favorite person in the world.  You love to follow him around and just smile and coo when he comes into the room.

It’s hard to keep you on my lap when you eat because you are now trying to grab my plate and cup.  I think you are going to be mischievous.  You’re not a fan of diaper changes, you always try to scoot away, oh and you HATE your car seat.  Every time we try to strap you in, you bow your back and try to flip around so we can’t strap you in.  You are already a mess, but we love you more than words.

For some odd reason, you don’t like to sleep.  The last couple of nights, you thought it would be funny to wake up 8 times!  Yes, 8.  Are you having nightmares little one?  Mommy needs sleep big boy and so do you!