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Happy 1st Birthday Baby Everett!



DSC_8924 DSC_8931

You definitely loved the tissue the best.


celebrating your birthday in Cartersville, GA.

DSC_8961 DSC_8967 DSC_8824 DSC_8836

smash cake photo session at home.

DSC_8875 DSC_8978


cutest brother’s ever!


We had a family celebration at the Appalachian Grill in Cartersville.


The VERY hungry caterpillar cake.






what can I say, you LOVE cake!  You were eating the table with the leftovers.

DSC_9104 DSC_9130 DSC_9145


Happy Birthday sweet baby!  I can’t believe you are 1!!!!  This year has flown by so fast.  Tomorrow will mark exactly one day since you were placed in our arms.  You are such an incredibly gift.  I cannot imagine my life without you.  I’m so proud God made me your mama.  You are the best baby in the world.  You are so happy all the time, you love all people, you never meet a stranger, and your laugh is contagious!  Every day I thank God for how blessed I am.  I love watching you grow into a sweet little boy, though I wish you would slow down just a bit!

You started taking steps last month.  I think you are up to 5 steps not holding on to anything.  You stand on your own for longer periods of time, and try to bounce and dance while standing up.

You still won’t say mama for me.  You repeat things like, “okay, yeah, hey, bye-bye, etc.” Of course you say Dada all the time.  You are still a daddy’s boy.

We got to spend time with your Aunt Morghan and your grandmother for your birthday.  It was a really good day.

Here’s hoping the next year goes by a little slower!

Love you, Ever-ready!


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Jeff Mangum Concert


Wow!  This was one of the best nights of our lives.  To hear Jeff Mangum live!!!!  For those of you who haven’t heard of him, he used to be in the band Neutral Milk Hotel back in the 90’s.  This set was just him on a chair playing all his best songs with only an acoustic.  His first song was O’ Comely.  My all time favorite.  I couldn’t believe he started with it.  Amazing isn’t strong enough of a word to cover it.  My Jeff introduced me to Neutral Milk back in the early 2000’s when we were dating.  From the beginning I got chills up my spine.

I’m not a music critic.  I wasn’t gifted with a way with words.  I’m not an eloquent writer by any means.  I cannot do him justice.

I have no pictures of the man, per his request.  You can see him performing live during an Occupy Wall Street protest if you are curious.

I just wanted to share some photos of the night.  Mostly so we can have a record for us that THIS REALLY HAPPENED!  Jeff and I agreed that this night will forever be in our mind and hearts, so it’s okay if we don’t have video or pictures of our most favorite musician in the world.  We will survive.

headbands jeff mangum 015Headed to Augusta, Georgia on a Monday night, sandwich in tow.

headbands jeff mangum 019 headbands jeff mangum 017The concert was held at Sacred Heart Cathedral

2013-01-28 18.00.19 2013-01-28 17.58.47

headbands jeff mangum 020 headbands jeff mangum 023Sorry about the quality of the pics they were taken with a phone.

2013-01-28 18.34.34-2 2013-01-28 18.34.59-2 2013-01-28 18.35.37-2 2013-01-28 18.36.21-2 2013-01-28 18.36.38-2Inside the cathedral.  It was beautiful.

2013-01-28 19.52.03 2013-01-28 20.14.55 2013-01-28 22.09.58-2

Robert Schneider, friend and producer of Jeff Mangum.

2013-01-28 21.54.17The crowd leaving after the concert.  It was packed and we were at the very front!

“Engine” by Jeff Mangum.  For my ‘future babies’.