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Love Makes A Family

So, some of you aren’t on facebook, so I wanted to show you pictures from today’s events.  If you are on facebook, sorry for bombarding you.  I’d like to recount the day on here for our family records anyways.

ELIJAH is officially, 100% ours.  Yay!!!!!  No, we don’t feel any different.  He has been ours since day 1.  It is SUPER awesome to know that he will forever be apart of our family and no one can take him away from us.  That is always an adoptive parents worse fear.  Oh my, he is just the cutest.

I can’t believe it happened so fast.  Yes we have been trying to have a family for almost 6 years, but the whole adoption process happened extremely quick with him.  You can check out our adoption timeline here.  For fostercare this is really fast.  We completed our classes only last September.  God has definitely had his hand in all of this.

Today, I let him take it easy and play his leap pad thingy while I got everyone’s outfits out and ready.  I usually don’t let him play it but once a week.  The baby slept perfectly and I was able to get everything done.  They actually called us early and said they were ready for us if we could load up and come on down.

Our super awesome friends, but more like family, met us there for the momentous event!  They were actually able to come back into the judge’s office with us and take pictures.  It was super quick and we just swore to take care of this child.  Then we were done.  Elijah specifically requested PB&J, so we all went out to celebrate at McAlister’s afterwards.

So, a pretty awesome day.  We can’t wait to (hopefully) be doing this again in the near future with Everett!  By the way he smiles so much and he totally has a dimple on his left cheek!  And for those of you curious, yes, we want more children.  Maybe just one or two.  We will definitely be waiting until Everett is a little older.  It is very hard to do fostercare when there are other children in the household.  Sure, Jeff and I can handle the children coming in and out of our lives, but our 3 year old has a much harder time.  There’s no telling what the future holds.  I know it’s in His hands.

Elijah's Adoption Day 003 Elijah's Adoption Day 007 Elijah's Adoption Day 018-2 Elijah's Adoption Day 024 Elijah's Adoption Day 028 Elijah's Adoption Day 030 Elijah's Adoption Day 031 Elijah's Adoption Day 039 Elijah's Adoption Day 045 Elijah's Adoption Day 050 Elijah's Adoption Day 055 Elijah's Adoption Day 056 Elijah's Adoption Day 058 Elijah's Adoption Day 067

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3 Weeks

William Everett was 3 weeks old yesterday.  He weighed 8lbs and 8oz at his doctor’s visit!  That is a whole pound more than last visit!  Everyday I’m more amazed at how much he changes.  Though I’m anxious to see him grow and change, it makes me sad that he won’t be little bitty forever.   I never thought Jeff and I would get/have a newborn baby.  It is so different from the other ages we’ve had.  We are just like any other family who might have given birth to a newborn.  We experience the sleepless nights, the gassy/colic fits, we even got to change the meconium diapers and got to wait for his umbilical cord to fall off.   I can’t for the life of me get this baby to sleep anywhere but on my chest.  I can’t complain though, because of anywhere I would want him to sleep it is there.  For soon he will be a rough and tumble, too cool for his mom little boy, and those cuddles will probably be few and far in between.

Here are some cute little things about Everett.

Eyes:   It is incredible to see how much they have changed.  I guess I haven’t ever stared at a newborn’s eyes day after day before now.  At first his looked like they were glazed over, like he couldn’t focus on anything.  When he would open his eyes he would stare above me, towards the light.  I think it was Saturday that his eyes locked onto mine for the first time…it was incredible!!!  I almost started to cry..well, I might have shed a tear or two of joy.   It was like, “Hi mom, I’ve found your face!”  Now he stares at me a lot…mostly when I’m feeding him.  Right now his eyes are a really dark gray with a lighter silver color around the pupil (we say he has Host eyes.)

Lips: Everett does the cutest thing in the world with his lips.  I’m sure it’s a common thing among babies, but first time mom to a newborn here, so it’s super cute to me.  After I pull the bottle out of his mouth he purses up his lips and moves them in a fishy manner.  It’s so funny.

Nicknames:  Bean Bundle (for when he’s swaddled), Stinky Pants (all day every day), my Little Papoose (when his in his wrap), Sweet Cheeks, Bubbie, and I’m sure there are other things we call him on a daily bases.

Things people say when we are out: “I love his name.” “Wow, you don’t look like you’ve had two kids!”  “You had a baby 3 weeks ago???”

Last night he slept better than the previous nights.  He has had a stuffy nose and it makes him so angry.  He usually is up from 3am to 7am.  I don’t know how many times he woke last night…maybe two or three, all I know is he didn’t wake until 6:30 and I was SO happy.  Also, we took a two hour nap today and it was INCREDIBLE!  For once I feel well rested, crossing my fingers about tonight!

I think we all could work on treasuring each second we have with our little ones.  I know it is so easy to get caught up in this face-paced digital age.  I know it’s rough when you haven’t had any sleep and the laundry is piling up on the couch, and there are bottles that need to be washed before the next feeding.  But in reality, none of that matters.  All that matters are the seconds we have with our children.  We will never get to experience those exact moments again.  Yesterday is already a memory.

And a post isn’t complete without some pictures of our cuties.  The day after M left we decided to take the boys to the zoo.  I will attach some of those images.  By the way, E still prays for M each night.

What I did to receive such a blessing in my life, I’ll never know.

Day at the Zoo 061 Day at the Zoo 064 Day at the Zoo 070 Day at the Zoo 074 Day at the Zoo 086 Day at the Zoo 099 Day at the Zoo 110 Day at the Zoo 123 Day at the Zoo 161 Day at the Zoo 166 Day at the Zoo 180 Day at the Zoo 186 Day at the Zoo 198

We love Uncle Ti and Aunt Amanda!  (E cannot pronounce Malachi for anything!)