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I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself…

I seriously don’t.  Last night the boys slept in a room together…without ME!  Up until this point, baby Everett has been in our room.  Let’s go back to the beginning.

One year ago today at precisely 6:00pm a little tiny, shriveled ball of colicy, jaundicey, gorgeousness was handed over to me.  He weighed exactly 7lbs.  Our first night he slept on my chest and we did skin to skin, so he could get use to my heartbeat and smell.  I also tried to nurse and a week or so later ordered a supplementer.  Probably for the first 2 months he slept on my chest, when he did sleep.  Baby Everett wasn’t very fond of sleeping.  He also was a very impatient eater, and would get easily frustrated with the Lact-Aid.  It came out too slow and he wouldn’t latch without a shield.  It was a hard few months.

He moved from off my chest to in my arms at night.  He would lay on his back in the crook of my arm and we’d sleep.  I slowly transitioned him to his crib, which was up next to my bed.  I hated to have him away from me, even if it was less than a foot.  He still woke up multiple times, and I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t there.  We bought a few toys.  One played white noise and the other was a sea horse that played lullabies and had a glowing belly.  I turn them on and he’d go to sleep.  He used to wake between 3-5 times a night.  I am not a believer in cry it out.  EVERY TIME, and I mean every single time Everett woke up in the night it was because he was wet or hungry.  I never ignored him.  I would pull him over, change him, and get his bottle.

Everett started sleeping through the night between 9 and 10 months.  Usually he would wake around 5 or 6 am and want a change and bottle.  Again, I would pull him over and attend to his needs and then cuddle back to sleep until 8.  It has been the most perfect routine for both of us the last few months.  Lately he has been sleeping a full 12 hours straight in his crib.  Last night Jeff and I decided to let him sleep in his crib in Elijah’s room/the nursery.  I didn’t hear a peep out of that room until 8:30 this morning.  They were up and playing.  I’m not sure what time they got up, because they were so quiet!

I’m very excited that their first night together went perfectly, but secretly disappointed.  I knew this night would come, but I didn’t know how useless I would feel.  I don’t know if it will last, but I know it’s for the best if it does.  It’s really hard because I don’t know if we will ever have a baby in the house again, and this all happened in a blink of an eye!

Anyways, I wanted to write this because I know everyone has an opinion on bed sharing, co-sleeping, etc.  My advice is just learn your baby’s cues.  I just wanted Everett to feel comfortable and safe in our home.  Would it have been easier to let him cry it out alone in another room while sitting in his pee soaked diaper?  I don’t think so.  I’m not judging anyone and their methods.  Different things work for different families and babies.

I just wanted to share our experience, because I wouldn’t change a second of it.  It worked out so perfectly.  Even though we spent 9 months getting up and down in the night, I knew that I was doing what is best for my baby.  Also, if nursing would had been successful, he probably would still be nursing through the night.  Which would be totally fine.

I think parents should listen to their children’s needs.  Even as a baby, they can tell you so much through their cries.  I didn’t read a book on sleep training a child,  I just read my child’s signs.

We are an adoptive family.  We got Everett when he was four days old, straight from the hospital.  This is just what worked for us.  It was perfect.  Now, I’m terribly sad all my morning snuggles are over (he’s not one for snuggling any other time…except when wrapped).


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Everett You are Adopted!!!

June 11, 2014

The day is finally here!  The day that we get to swear to love you and protect you forever.  You, Dada, and Mama already knew that day happened when you were placed in our arms, but we had to swear it before a judge so she would grant us legal custody of you.  Forever.  I mean, I know you will leave me one day for another woman, but I have 17 years before that happens buddy. 🙂  Seventeen years of all the kisses, hugs, and snuggles.  I can’t stop kissing you.  I know this will embarrass you if you read it in the future, but I can’t.  You have the squishiest little face, and the most beautiful lips.  Oh man, the best place is your neck and your little chin.  You die laughing when I kiss you there.  You are so fun to tickle and I always blow raspberries on your tummy during diaper changes.

Oh man, tearing up again.  It’s been an emotional week.  I absolutely cannot believe how big you have gotten, and how fast you have grown.  You will be ONE next month.  I wish I could stop it.  It’s really not fair or nice of you to grow so fast.  I wish I could pause time.  Tonight I was feeding you your bottle and snuggling with you, and realized that soon you won’t need me like that.  Soon, you will be “too big” or “too old” for your mama to hold you and feed you.

Let’s talk about your day!  We slept in a bit, got dressed and then I wanted to get a few pictures of us together.  Dada was at work so Elijah took some pictures with my phone.  He might make a good little photographer one day!  Dada came home from work and got ready then we headed to McAlister’s to eat lunch with your godparents.  Mr. Jim, Mrs. Jennifer, Julianna, and Cameron met us for lunch.  One day you will truly appreciate having good Christian people in your life.  These people stick around for the good and the bad.  They will laugh with you, but also cry with you when you need it.  The Murrells are that type of family and that is why we picked them to care for you and your brother if anything were to happen to mama or dada.  We had a wonderful visit and lunch.  You ate chicken from my salad.  You are such a good eater, but very impatient.  I guess it’s good that you love food as much as the rest of us!

After lunch we headed to the probate judge’s office.  We had to wait a while and then we were all allowed to come back to her office.  She and the lawyer read all the legal stuff and we swore to take great care of you.  Then you were pronounced a Stacy!  It was amazing!  We love you so much baby Everett!  You bring so much joy to everyone you meet.  I’m so proud to be called your Mama.  God picked us out the most perfect baby boy.





DSC_8257 DSC_8261 DSC_8269 DSC_8281 DSC_8289 DSC_8296 DSC_8320 DSC_8323 DSC_8326 DSC_8328 DSC_8333

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Baby Everett You Are 10 Months Old!

It’s pretty sad that the last time I blogged was a month ago, for your 9 month post.  I am really bad at keeping everyone updated.  It’s really hard with a toddling 10 month old and a 4 year old.  Ya’ll keep us so busy!

This month has been my favorite!  You are learning so much.  You are growing right before our eyes.  First, some big things are happening this coming month.  We get to officially adopt you on the 11th of June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that’s what I said!  The wait will finally be over.  William Everett Stacy.  You will be ours.  You will carry our name for the rest of your beautifully long life.  We love you baby boy!

This month you learned to clap!  The first time you clapped was the day we signed your adoption papers. Friday the 16th.  On Thursday we had your pre-placement visit with DHR, then Friday we signed papers at DHR and the lawyers office.  All we have to do is see the judge.  Anyways, we were eating supper that night and Dada was talking to you and clapping, and then you looked at him and clapped back!  I recorded it.  Seriously, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  A few minutes later he started playing the drums and you started dancing and clapping.  I recorded that also!

A few weeks earlier you started waving bye bye and giving high fives.  Also, equally adorable.  You sometimes will say, “Hi!” as you wave.  I’ve heard you say “bye, bye” two or three times.  You’ve said Mama a few times, but still won’t say it on command.  You say Bubba for brother.

My favorite thing you do is give me sugar.  I will ask you to give me a kiss and you put your face up to mine and open your mouth.  You only do this for Mama and I feel soooo special.

We are trying to teach you to sign.  Things like: more, eat, yes, no, mama, dada, finished.  You are the most impatient eater.  You don’t want me to spoon feed you anything.  You only want to pick food up and feed yourself.  If we don’t get it on your tray fast enough, you pitch a fit.  If we have to tell you NO and take things away from you you also pitch a fit.

You have 3 teeth, with your 4th currently pushing through.  You seem pretty miserable.  You slept through the night twice.  Once until 6am then again until 5am. Then the teething got bad and you decided to stop sleeping all together, naptime, bedtime.  You hated sleep for about a week.  And then, ta-da! last night you slept until 7am!  I was so proud! 🙂

Another new thing you do is shake your head no!  It’s cute, but I wish I knew if you were just mimicking us or talking back.  It’s really weird, because I think you are understanding some of the things we say.  You shake your head at appropriate times and also clap when you are excited or you accomplish something…or if the word Yay is uttered.  I can’t believe you are growing up so fast.

You favorite toys are still things you shouldn’t have or play with.  ie. the dog bowl (you ate kibble this week), our books, pencils, straws, paper (your favorite appetizer), all of brother’s toys.  You love to sling all the folded clothes off the couch.  You never mess with the unfolded.

You absolutely love it outside.  Oh, and water is your favorite.  This month we got to go back home and stay with Nanny and PawPaw for a week.  You got to play in the splash pad, the beach, pool, and pond.  You loved them all equally.  You learned really quickly not to eat sand.  🙂  I can’t wait to post videos and pictures of you at the beach.  This was your second time there.  You went when you were 3 weeks old to Gulf Shores.  You also ate gumbo for the first time, tamales, oatmeal, poop, and corn on the cob.  You love to gnaw on the cob!

I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of things, but I’ll just attribute that to Mom Brain.

We love you sweet child!  Oh, and next month we are going to have a BIG Ole’ Adoption Party.  The theme:  Look Whooo’s Adopted!  Owls everywhere!

Summer Vacaction 2014 003 Summer Vacaction 2014 013 Summer Vacaction 2014 016 (2) Summer Vacaction 2014 027 Summer Vacaction 2014 029 Summer Vacaction 2014 241 Summer Vacaction 2014 259 Summer Vacaction 2014 340 Summer Vacaction 2014 354 Summer Vacaction 2014 372

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The Memphis Trip

This is a few weeks late, but I really wanted to document our first time (as a family) going to the MSOP lectureship.  This is something Jeff and I have gone to every year, but this was the first time getting to bring the littles.  It’s so great to be spiritually uplifted and see lifelong friends.  Some of our greatest and dearest friends are at the lectures every year!  We really enjoy getting to catch up with the Manning clan.  Usually the whole family is there and we all get to visit, eat, and play a little disc golf.  This year they didn’t disappoint.  We had a blast!  We also got to catch up with Kara MacAfee, Cassidy Reynolds (and family), the Richardsons, the Cates, all of the Independence Crew, a lot of the families from our class (we missed you Kate and Nate), and many other families!  A lot of ya’ll have been following us via blog, facebook, or instagram, so it was your first time seeing baby Everett’s face and meeting them both in person.  It meant so much to us when you would comment about how you had been following us on our journey and praying for us and our children.  Honestly it means the world!  I was brought to tears many times, by the kind thoughts and hugs.

It’s so wonderful and uplifting to get to sing praises to God and hear sound lessons in his word each day and night.  We especially loved the topic this year and felt it gave us a good push to keep going strong for the Lord even if adversities arise.   It’s incredibly special to be around like-minded Christians that can relate in almost every way to life in the ministry.  It’s such a blessed, wonderful life.  It’s always so much easier when you are a Christian.  One of my favorite parts is how BIG our family is in Christ!  We have brothers and sisters all over the world.  Memphis lectures are like a giant homecoming for us!  I’ll stop rambling now, and post pics. 🙂

IMG_20140330_182428221 IMG_20140330_182436713all loaded up and ready to go!


chillin’ out at the hotel room in our jammies.


can’t do Memphis without a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Mannings!


Elijah’s first time playing disc golf and getting to meet Jerry Manning…his life has been changed forever!

IMG_20140402_212919667 IMG_20140402_212930464

then there was the night when a drunk guy in the hotel pulled the fire alarm and my baby fell and hit his head.  Ouch!

IMG_20140402_163531920 IMG_20140402_180648366

it got all better with “arm painting!”


sushi on a conveyor belt…don’t mind if I do!  This is the stuff of dreams!

IMG_20140403_102431392 IMG_20140403_143830225_HDR

Homeward Bound.

The End.


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Happy 4th Birthday Elijah!


I can’t believe you are four sweet boy!  You turned 4 on 4.14.14  How cool is that?  Today was YOUR day!  You got to choose what you wanted to eat for breakfast and you chose cereal over pancakes, eggs, or even cinnamon rolls!  We watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates (your favorite), we colored, and then we went to chickfila for lunch.  You ate 6 chicken nuggets, a fruit cup, and chocolate milk.  You played on the playground for a long time!  Nanny and PawPaw sent you a huge package of books and puzzles for Easter, and you also got to open some presents from some very special people.  You have very special friends that are in India and wanted you to have traditional Indian pajamas and a cool rocket blaster!  They love you so much, and miss you dearly.  We can’t wait for the day that ya’ll are all reunited.  We showed you pictures of a map and taught you where India is.  We learned cool facts about India and saw pictures of children in India.  We also looked at pictures of you when you were just a little baby and all the pictures we have of your first three years of life.  You’ve talked about the homes you have grown up in, and we explained that THIS will always be your home.  You said, “Yes, this is my FOREVER home!”  We are so happy that you have permanency and are well adjusted.

You’ve been sung Happy Birthday multiple times today!  Every time someone calls and sings to you you just smile so big.  You asked for, “just PB&J for supper,” so I’ll see what I can do about that. 🙂  I will do an updated post after we have your party, but I just wanted to write about your actual birthday today.

Thank you for being such an amazing, sweet, little boy.  You are so smart and so kind.  You have wonderful manners and we are so proud of the little boy you have become.

Happy Fourth Birthday Elijah!

Love, Mama and Dada

Elijah's 4th Birthday 010

standing on top of India, in your PJs from India!

Elijah's 4th Birthday 019 Elijah's 4th Birthday 026 Elijah's 4th Birthday 028 Elijah's 4th Birthday 034 Elijah's 4th Birthday 038

helping Daddy put the rocket together

Elijah's 4th Birthday 045 Elijah's 4th Birthday 049


*Update: we totally all ate PB&J’s together and we also got a cookie cake:

You are soooo cute blowing out your candles!  I love you!


**Update on Indian Clothing:  the clothes are not pajamas, as many suppose. The term for shirt in India is “kurta”. The term for pants in India is “pajama”. When the British first came here, they found Indian clothing much more comfortable than their “woollens”. The British empire found out about it and demanded they get back into proper uniform. So, the soldiers would wear their uniform while in public and change into “pajamas” as soon as they got home. This carried over to the western world as “pajamas” being clothing you sleep in or lounge around your house in.



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Baby Everett You are 5 Months Old!

Well, you were on the 29th of December!  Mama’s a little late getting the blog updated with the holidays and all, I’m sure you understand.

This month:

  • Well, from 4 months to 5 months you decided you didn’t like to sleep at night.  They say there is some kind of sleep regression at 4 months.  You were waking up 6 to 10 times a night for at least 3 weeks.  Your back on track now and only wake about two times.
  • We celebrated your first Christmas a few days before you turned 5 months!  Here’s a picture of you eating the paper.

Vanity 046 Vanity 041


  • We were actually surprised that you were big enough to tear/eat/rip the paper.  You would eat  your actual gifts too!
  • You put everything in your mouth, and you are still slobbering a lot.  No teeth yet though.
  • You learned to roll from your back to your belly this month.  You can also scoot/crawl backwards.  You pretty much can get your hands on anything you want!
  • It’s very hard to hold you in our laps when we eat.  Tonight you pulled my cup down and put my straw in your mouth.  We thought it was so funny so we took a picture, then a minute later I hear a sucking sound….you were drinking my sweet tea!!!  We died laughing and were very thankful it was decaf!
  • You rode down your first slide, in Mama’s lap of course, at the park.  We went down three different slides.  We recorded it on daddy’s phone.  When you are adopted we will post it on here.
  • You still sleep with your blanket pulled over your face.  I guess it’s just a comfort/security thing.
  • You will go to anyone.  You love to see new people and love to be held.
  • You do this bouncy thing with your legs on my lap. a lot.
  • You still stare at daddy when he is preaching.  You recognize his voice anywhere and turn towards him.
  • Elijah is still your favorite person.  You will sit in your excersaucer in his room and watch him play.  If you are reading this, you should really stop pulling his hair…and the pups would appreciate if your tiny fingers didn’t find theirs either.
  • We are still cloth diapering you.  That is going well, I love your fat little tooshie in those things!

Vanity 057

(Here is one we got you for Christmas, and Mama knitted the leg warmers…we are pretty big Harry Potter fans, and expect you to be one too 🙂

Vanity 095

  • I take a couple posed pictures of you every month.  I can’t really show them, but I was able to blur your face in one.  One day when you are all mine I will post the month pictures on the appropriate posts.  I take one of you in front of a big chalkboard and then I take one of you with a bear I made, to compare your size.
  • You have almost outgrown 3 to 6 month clothes, you are super long!

We all love you so very much!  You are the most perfect baby.  I really wish I could freeze time and hold you near so you never get big.  I know that’s not fair to you, but you are just so perfect at this moment, I don’t want to loose it.  I try to treasure each and every day I get to be your mom.  I try not to fuss too much over having a clean house, or things that don’t matter.  I am human though and I fail often.  I try to smell you often, I never want to forget the way you smell.  I love to rub your sweet arms, feet, face, your skin is so perfectly smooth.  My favorite time is when we get to cuddle close and you fall asleep next to me.  Your soft breathing puts my mind to ease and soothes me.  You are so perfect.  You are what is beautiful in this world.  Never change dear one.  I love you just the way you are.  My baby boy.

You laughing as I tickle you.


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Trick or Treat!

I figured it’d be my last year to dress my 3 year old baby in a cutesy costume.  Next year I’m sure it will be Spiderman and Batman type stuff, but this year I had my way. Baaahaaahaahaahaa!  Anyways, the whole family went as Fox and the Hound characters.  Jeff was Squeaks the caterpillar, I was Big Mama the owl, Elijah was Copper the hound dog, and Everett was Todd the fox.  I’ve already posted all these pictures on facebook, but I’d like to document our first Halloween as parents on the blog.  Yes, it was everything I hoped it would be and more!  Halloween is 1000x’s more fun as a parent!  It was sooo cool to go trick or treating with Elijah.  I think the last time I went was in 9th grade…so it’s been a while!

He was so sweet and said, “trick or treat” followed by: “thank you,” at every door.  He racked up!  The businesses in our town all come out Halloween afternoon and have fun activities for the kids and give away candy.  We did that and then went home and roasted wieners and marshmallows with some friends, then went back out to go from door to door.  Best. Halloween. Ever.  I’m seriously already planning next Halloween, anyone have a couple of blonde wigs we can borrow?  🙂

Without further adieu, here are the images:

Trick or Treat 040 Trick or Treat 068Trick or Treat 074 Trick or Treat 087 Trick or Treat 080Trick or Treat 103Trick or Treat 107Halloween 065 Halloween 076Halloween 2013 040 Halloween 2013 092 Halloween 2013 158 Halloween 2013 197