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Baby Everett You are 11 Months Old

June 29th, 2014

DSC_8738 DSC_8778 DSC_8804 DSC_8814

Wow.  I really can’t believe it!  One more month and you will be a year old!  We love you so much little guy.  We never knew we could be this happy.  You bring so much joy to our lives.  You wake up with a smile on your face and continue smiling all day long.  You are such a good baby.  You hardly ever fuss or whine….even when you are really, really tired.

You still love to be worn.  We go everywhere together and do everything together.


 Your first time at church camp…checking out the horses.


 You are so good when we go shopping!


Just chilling out around the house.


You are so adventurous in your eating.  I haven’t found anything you won’t eat.  Spicy, sour, sweet, hot, cold…though you do prefer it if it’s not in a spoon.




ice cream






 oranges and mangos


this is what you look like when you are finished eating…food from your head to your toes!

You love the outdoors.



You love to swim and be in the water.

You love being a big boy.  You are now drinking out of a sippy cup, straw, and regular cup.  Your newest trick is drinking bath water!  Ewwww….


big boy drinking out of a sippy now…I don’t know why I waited so late to teach you!


drinking out of a sports bottle at camp with Kait Kait!

You and your brother are so alike in so many ways.

  1. you both get beads of sweat on your noses when you are hot, (ya’ll both are hot natured).
  2. you both are light sleepers…very light sleepers.
  3. both of you HAVE to have a nap or your ill for the rest of the day…and super hyper.
  4. you both LOVE to eat.  EVERYTHING!
  5. both love outdoors and swimming.
  6. you both have big hands and feet.
  7. both have beautiful olive complexions, button noses, dimples, and beautiful smiles.
  8. you both love people and go out of your way to get attention.  You will even turn around in your highchair and stare at people while they are eating!
  9. both daddy’s boys.
  10. both love books, Elijah likes to read them, you like to eat them!


This month we celebrated Father’s Day!  It was awesome to see your dada have his very first Father’s Day!  Ya’ll make him so happy.  I pray you both grow up to be Godly men like your father.  He works so hard for our family and takes such good care of us.  Your daddy always puts us and our needs first and is the best leader for our home.  I could not have picked a more perfect, gentle, loving, sacrificial man to be my husband.

Father's Day


You have 5 teeth now.

You still only say, “hey” “dada” “Lijah<<sometimes

When I say no you shake your head no.

When someone says “Yay” you clap, also if you see someone on T.V. clapping you start.


I’ve been making a lot of cloth diapers and you are the perfect little model!


sweet baby in your jammies.  We love these two piece jammies!  Way easier to change your diaper.


Stay tuned for next month!  I think we are going for a hungry caterpillar themed birthday for you.  I think we just might do something quiet and just as a family.  Maybe we will go to an aquarium or something.


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Look Whoo’s Adopted! (Everett’s Adoption Party)

This is a day we have looked forward to for so long!  You were almost 11 months old by the time we were able to adopt you and have your party.  We cannot believe you’ve been in our lives almost a year.  It’s unbelievable how fast you have grown.  The theme featured a lot of owls.  You helped Mama get everything ready a few days before the party.  You mostly slept on my back while I decorated.  A lot of friends and family came to celebrate your big day with us!  We had a blast.  Here are some pictures from the day!



you sleeping while I got ready for the party!

DSC_8345 DSC_8348 DSC_8351 DSC_8354 DSC_8357 DSC_8383 DSC_8390 DSC_8391 DSC_8392 DSC_8396 DSC_8398 DSC_8402 DSC_8407 DSC_8408 DSC_8417

with Uncle Mali and Aunt Amanda


the Stacy cousins!

DSC_8435 DSC_8438 DSC_8442 DSC_8450

baby E stealing my pickle!

DSC_8457 DSC_8459 DSC_8462

he LOVED the deviled eggs


Jeff’s parents and their grandkids

DSC_8486 DSC_8496 DSC_8524 DSC_8541

opening his presents.

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Everett You are Adopted!!!

June 11, 2014

The day is finally here!  The day that we get to swear to love you and protect you forever.  You, Dada, and Mama already knew that day happened when you were placed in our arms, but we had to swear it before a judge so she would grant us legal custody of you.  Forever.  I mean, I know you will leave me one day for another woman, but I have 17 years before that happens buddy. 🙂  Seventeen years of all the kisses, hugs, and snuggles.  I can’t stop kissing you.  I know this will embarrass you if you read it in the future, but I can’t.  You have the squishiest little face, and the most beautiful lips.  Oh man, the best place is your neck and your little chin.  You die laughing when I kiss you there.  You are so fun to tickle and I always blow raspberries on your tummy during diaper changes.

Oh man, tearing up again.  It’s been an emotional week.  I absolutely cannot believe how big you have gotten, and how fast you have grown.  You will be ONE next month.  I wish I could stop it.  It’s really not fair or nice of you to grow so fast.  I wish I could pause time.  Tonight I was feeding you your bottle and snuggling with you, and realized that soon you won’t need me like that.  Soon, you will be “too big” or “too old” for your mama to hold you and feed you.

Let’s talk about your day!  We slept in a bit, got dressed and then I wanted to get a few pictures of us together.  Dada was at work so Elijah took some pictures with my phone.  He might make a good little photographer one day!  Dada came home from work and got ready then we headed to McAlister’s to eat lunch with your godparents.  Mr. Jim, Mrs. Jennifer, Julianna, and Cameron met us for lunch.  One day you will truly appreciate having good Christian people in your life.  These people stick around for the good and the bad.  They will laugh with you, but also cry with you when you need it.  The Murrells are that type of family and that is why we picked them to care for you and your brother if anything were to happen to mama or dada.  We had a wonderful visit and lunch.  You ate chicken from my salad.  You are such a good eater, but very impatient.  I guess it’s good that you love food as much as the rest of us!

After lunch we headed to the probate judge’s office.  We had to wait a while and then we were all allowed to come back to her office.  She and the lawyer read all the legal stuff and we swore to take great care of you.  Then you were pronounced a Stacy!  It was amazing!  We love you so much baby Everett!  You bring so much joy to everyone you meet.  I’m so proud to be called your Mama.  God picked us out the most perfect baby boy.





DSC_8257 DSC_8261 DSC_8269 DSC_8281 DSC_8289 DSC_8296 DSC_8320 DSC_8323 DSC_8326 DSC_8328 DSC_8333

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Baby Everett You Are 10 Months Old!

It’s pretty sad that the last time I blogged was a month ago, for your 9 month post.  I am really bad at keeping everyone updated.  It’s really hard with a toddling 10 month old and a 4 year old.  Ya’ll keep us so busy!

This month has been my favorite!  You are learning so much.  You are growing right before our eyes.  First, some big things are happening this coming month.  We get to officially adopt you on the 11th of June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that’s what I said!  The wait will finally be over.  William Everett Stacy.  You will be ours.  You will carry our name for the rest of your beautifully long life.  We love you baby boy!

This month you learned to clap!  The first time you clapped was the day we signed your adoption papers. Friday the 16th.  On Thursday we had your pre-placement visit with DHR, then Friday we signed papers at DHR and the lawyers office.  All we have to do is see the judge.  Anyways, we were eating supper that night and Dada was talking to you and clapping, and then you looked at him and clapped back!  I recorded it.  Seriously, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  A few minutes later he started playing the drums and you started dancing and clapping.  I recorded that also!

A few weeks earlier you started waving bye bye and giving high fives.  Also, equally adorable.  You sometimes will say, “Hi!” as you wave.  I’ve heard you say “bye, bye” two or three times.  You’ve said Mama a few times, but still won’t say it on command.  You say Bubba for brother.

My favorite thing you do is give me sugar.  I will ask you to give me a kiss and you put your face up to mine and open your mouth.  You only do this for Mama and I feel soooo special.

We are trying to teach you to sign.  Things like: more, eat, yes, no, mama, dada, finished.  You are the most impatient eater.  You don’t want me to spoon feed you anything.  You only want to pick food up and feed yourself.  If we don’t get it on your tray fast enough, you pitch a fit.  If we have to tell you NO and take things away from you you also pitch a fit.

You have 3 teeth, with your 4th currently pushing through.  You seem pretty miserable.  You slept through the night twice.  Once until 6am then again until 5am. Then the teething got bad and you decided to stop sleeping all together, naptime, bedtime.  You hated sleep for about a week.  And then, ta-da! last night you slept until 7am!  I was so proud! 🙂

Another new thing you do is shake your head no!  It’s cute, but I wish I knew if you were just mimicking us or talking back.  It’s really weird, because I think you are understanding some of the things we say.  You shake your head at appropriate times and also clap when you are excited or you accomplish something…or if the word Yay is uttered.  I can’t believe you are growing up so fast.

You favorite toys are still things you shouldn’t have or play with.  ie. the dog bowl (you ate kibble this week), our books, pencils, straws, paper (your favorite appetizer), all of brother’s toys.  You love to sling all the folded clothes off the couch.  You never mess with the unfolded.

You absolutely love it outside.  Oh, and water is your favorite.  This month we got to go back home and stay with Nanny and PawPaw for a week.  You got to play in the splash pad, the beach, pool, and pond.  You loved them all equally.  You learned really quickly not to eat sand.  🙂  I can’t wait to post videos and pictures of you at the beach.  This was your second time there.  You went when you were 3 weeks old to Gulf Shores.  You also ate gumbo for the first time, tamales, oatmeal, poop, and corn on the cob.  You love to gnaw on the cob!

I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of things, but I’ll just attribute that to Mom Brain.

We love you sweet child!  Oh, and next month we are going to have a BIG Ole’ Adoption Party.  The theme:  Look Whooo’s Adopted!  Owls everywhere!

Summer Vacaction 2014 003 Summer Vacaction 2014 013 Summer Vacaction 2014 016 (2) Summer Vacaction 2014 027 Summer Vacaction 2014 029 Summer Vacaction 2014 241 Summer Vacaction 2014 259 Summer Vacaction 2014 340 Summer Vacaction 2014 354 Summer Vacaction 2014 372

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Baby Everett You are 9 Months Old!

You know I love you, right?  BUT oh. my. stars!  You are a path of destruction!!!  I can barely keep up with you, even with Elijah telling on you nonstop.  Mama, never quite expected this!  Now I know why people are always saying kids keep you young.  If you are not wrapped on my back, we are all three running around the house trying to find you.

Here are some things you love to get into:

  • you love to crawl to the tub and push all the bottles off the side into the tub.
  • toilet paper.  need I say more.
  • anything on the ground you eat.  bugs, paper, food, dirt, hair…maybe I should sweep more.
  • anything in your brother’s room.  we clean.  you destroy.



You popped out your second tooth about a week after your first, so last month.  It didn’t hurt you nearly as bad.

You don’t say any new words, but babble ALL the time!

You fall asleep in the car.  You love your new car seat.

You only say “mama” when you cry.

You still smile at EVERYONE.  They love to see your toothy grin.

I haven’t found a single food you don’t like to eat.  You seriously love ALL food, like your brother.

You are sleeping in your crib like a champ, and usually only wake up around 5:30am.

You currently, and have for about a month, walk all around the room holding on to furniture.

You can even stand up while holding on to smooth surfaces, like cabinets and walls.

You crawl properly now, with your tummy off the floor.

Daddy bought us a new wrap for my birthday.  It’s a rainbow wrap since you are my rainbow baby.  You love it, and often grab and chew on it.  I think you like all the colors.

IMG_20140417_195939501 IMG_20140416_180727348

We had an amazing 1st Easter as a family.  I hope to come back and add the family pictures we took on here.  For now, here is one of all the kiddos at church:



Update on your adoption.  The case worker just came by this week.  They are still waiting on some of your medical information from the hospital.  After all that comes in, they have to write up a report and get papers for us to sign, then we go to court.  So, just more waiting.  We are praying to be finished with it all in May, but it could take until June.

We love you so much BooBoos!  You are growing up to be an incredible young man.  You seem to have the best personality.  I can barely remember when they placed you in our arms at 4 days old.  You are such a big boy now, and we grow more and more in love with you every day.



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Baby Everett You are 6 Months Old

Half of a year!  Wow!  To think 6 months ago the caseworkers brought you to us from the hospital.  You were 4 days old!  That day I had planned for all the girls in the entire church to come over and have a sleepover.  Our caseworker called us at noon, what a surprise she had for us.  A newborn boy only 4 days old!  “When will he get here I eagerly asked?” “Tonight,” was the response I heard from the phone.  Holy Smokes!  What a rush.  I have so much to do, I thought.  Mrs. Kellie was with me at the time and she called Mr. Chance to ask him to bring over some newborn baby clothes.  I had another friend who had a baby bath, diaper bag, and lots of other baby goodies.  Mrs. Kellie and I drove over there to pick it all up.  At 4:00 the girls started arriving.  We ordered pizza and tried to relax.  Your case worker called and said she was bringing a crib, clothes, bottles, etc over.  It was a mad rush and it all went so fast.  My heart was pounding in my ears all day.  Daddy and I were so excited.  At the time we were fostering a 3 month old and also had your brother Elijah.  There ended up being around 20 girls at our home, I had to tell them they couldn’t stay the night, since obviously there wasn’t any room! 🙂  They all stayed long enough to welcome you home.  Three case workers brought you in.  They kept saying that you were so sweet and they wanted to keep you.  I told them, there was NO way! 🙂  You looked so incredibly tiny in that big ole’ carseat.  They took you out and handed you to me.  They kept talking about formula, feedings, paperwork, sign this and that, I felt like I was underwater or in a big bubble with you.  Just me and you.  I’m glad Dada was listening, so we would know what to do. 🙂

We fed all the girls and they watched a movie and passed you around.  Daddy changed you out of your hospital shirt into a onesie, he was so nervous because you were so tiny!  You weighed 7lbs!  I’m so glad Mrs. Kellie and Mr. Chance were there, because she reminded me to get my camera!  I was able to capture Elijah seeing you for the first time and all of our first moments.  We were all so happy.  You had a bandaid on both feet from them running tests at the hospital.  Mrs. Kellie helped us stick your little heels in some warm water to get them off.  Everyone kept saying how beautiful and tiny you were.  You were so soft and warm.  I never wanted to put you down.  Your first night we had our nightly bible devo like we always do.  Mama and Dada both had babies in our arms as we sang songs and Elijah quoted his memory verses.  It was so sweet to have our arms and hearts full.

That first night you were awake.  A lot.  I had a bouncy seat by my bed, but you just wanted to sleep on my chest.  I remember you staring at me with these huge, glossy eyes.  I think you knew then that I was your Mama and I would always protect you.  I loved you from the second I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms.

Now you are 6 months old.  You’ve been alive for half a year.  Everyone that meets you falls in love.

The Hardest Thing: trying not to kiss your sweet cheeks, lips, and hands while you are sleeping.

The Silliest Thing: how hard you laugh when we tickle you!

Your Newest Thing: when I feed you your bottle you play with my hair, not pull it, you gently touch it with your hands.

The Fastest Thing: you as you scoot and flip around the room.  You are now pulling your legs under your body and putting your little booty in the air!

The Smartest Thing You Do: when I bring you your bottle you will take out your paci and grab the bottle and put it in your mouth.

I Just Love: when you grab both of your feet as I’m changing your diaper!

  • you have the most beautiful blue eyes.
  • you want to grab anything your brother has.
  • you love to be tickled.  from your feet to your chin.  you giggle so loudly.
  • the day before you turned 6 months we had the biggest snow.  you slept through most of it.
  • we are about to start feeding you solid foods.  so far you have gnawed on low sodium bacon and a slice of orange.
  • you’re so interested in everything going on around you.
  • you flip, pull, roll, and scoot your way around the room.
  • you can’t sit on your own yet or technically crawl, and you have no teeth.
  • books are your favorite<<<you love to eat them. 🙂
  • you love it when I play music and dance.  you giggle.
  • you say “mooommaaammaaammaa” when you cry.
  • you still fall asleep on your own and are taking your paci less and less.
  • you grow so quiet when we go outside.  you just look around and take everything in.
  • your Dada, Mama, and brother love you more than anything else in the world.Everett's 6 month photoshoot 121 Everett's 6 month photoshoot 122 Everett's 6 month photoshoot 006Snow Day 219

I’m going to have to come back to all these photos after you are adopted and change them out for ones with your face.

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Looking In

This afternoon I was dancing around the living room in my plaid pjs to Brandi Carlile, a baby in his excersaucer giggling at me and our 3 year old snuggled down for a nap.  I’m sad to regret it’s been a long time since I’ve played music just for myself.  I used to play it all the time while I cooked or cleaned.  Sometimes you forget.  Brandi Carlile helped me to remember.  Before we had children we had the privilege of listening to her at the Alabama Theater.  I’d only heard a couple of her songs before that night.  I’m not a die hard fan or anything, but when you’ve seen a band in concert it does something to you.  I feel this intimate connection now with her songs, since I’ve seen her live.  Live is always better, you get a feel for the artist and their passion really shows (most of the time.)  Anyways, I felt happy.  Real happy.  Why haven’t I slowed down?  What took me so long to breathe?

Sometimes I guess I feel bogged down.  I kinda forget myself as a separate entity.  Meghan goes away and mama replaces her.  And that is wonderful, but Meghan needs to be present: for my husband, for my kids, for me.  I’m sure all moms feel this way.  It is so easy to get caught up in the chores, diaper changes, three meals-a-day stuff that you forget.  You forget who you are.  You forget to stop and breathe and take in all the beautiful things.  You forget to think.  You forget to thank God for each moment.  You forget to truly count your blessings.  Sometimes as women we are just going and doing and stressing.  At least I do.  This blog post is for me.

It’s really hard to blog now.  If I have free time I’m usually napping. 🙂 I do think it helps if I stop and look at my life from the outside looking in.  Where were we 6 months ago, ya know?  God has given us such a beautiful life.  Really, honesty, I can say I’m living my dream.  And yes the path to get here was difficult and somewhat unique to us, but I’ve almost completely forgotten.  Not the beauty, not the travel, not the oneness and memories of me and my mister, but the pain.  The heartache is fading.  It’s totally thanks to these kids.  All my holes and scars that have molded me are fading, and it feels so good.

Being a mom is hard.  I don’t want to sugar coat it or paint a picture of perfection over here, because we are not a perfect family.  Sometimes the days drag by and I’m tearfully praying to God for 8:00pm to roll around.  Other days I just want to soak in a hot bath and let every muscle relax, let the tension release from my neck and head.  Sometimes I loose my temper, there (sadly) have been times when I’ve shouted.  I get tired of hide-n-seek, ABCs, kid’s books, coloring, cooking, crying, loud voices…ya know the usual kid stuff.  I am human.  Yes, I wanted this for years and years.  Yes, I am grateful.  BUT we are a real family.  It’s not all fluff and rainbows.  I don’t think any family is like that.  We have a strong-willed child, we have to constantly remind him we are in charge. “We are the parents, you are the child,” I say a million times in a day.  It’s stressful.  Today, today when I was dancing around it hit me: treasure each second they are little.  Yes I’m stressed, but I will never get these moments back.  It feels like sand slipping through my fingers.  I want to grasp these moments, clinch them in my fists, but they keep slipping through the cracks of my fingers.  I almost cried.  I was looking in.  Looking in at my family today.  Seeing the moments from the outside, how beautiful, how ordinary, how perfect they were.  I’ll never get today back.

I want to make the best of everyday.  I want to remember each second with my babies.  One day they won’t be babies anymore.  I’ll just be an old lady sitting in a rocking chair, sipping my sweet tea wishing I had a baby in my lap to read a book to.