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Baby Everett You are 8 Months Old

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and you look more like a little boy than a baby!  You are so tall!  You were 8 months old on the 29th of March.  It is now April.  We went out of town the day after you turned 8 months, so I’m just now blogging about it.

Dear Everett, you are my wild child.  As we speak you are trying to flip over your Excersaucer.  Just a few minutes before that you found out how to jump out of your crib onto our bed.  You wiggle, squirm, bounce, and everything else when we hold you.  You can crawl so fast, and get to anything you want.  Right now you love to crawl towards laundry baskets, the coffee table, the couch, and anything else you can pull up on!


You love people.  I mean really love them.  You have never met a stranger, and give everyone a BIG grin.  You will let anyone hold you.  You still favor Mama and Dada, and of course big brother.  You hate it when I leave the room.  You will crawl after me from room to room.  When I am in the same room as you, you crawl all over me and pull up by pulling on my clothes….you do this to anyone that will let you.

You just cut your first tooth!  It took about a week to break the skin, and it’s still not all the way out.  I could tell it hurt you a lot.  We tried to do everything we could to soothe you.  I’ve been carrying you a lot and that stops you from crying.  You also have only been waking up once a night for the past week and a half!  The whole family is excited to get a bit more sleep!

You are incredibly good at peek-a-boo.  You pull the covers up and down over your face.  It’s probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.


We had a busy month!  You got to go to the zoo in Montgomery.  We met your friend Callie and Elijah’s friend Caleb.  We had a blast looking at the animals.




We just got back in town after a trip to Memphis Tennessee.  It was your first time leaving the state!  You did so well, despite the lack of naps you got.  We went to visit daddy’s college for a lectureship.  We ate at many restaurants, got to see lots of friends, and you even played disc golf for the first time!  You were on Mama’s back of course, but I got to play about 8 baskets with you back there until you fell asleep.


You are eating SO much.  You have loved everything we have fed you.  I think you are going to have a big appetite like your brother.

The biggest news of your life (and ours) right now is that we should be signing papers this month for your adoption!  We are praying everything goes smoothly and we can go to court real soon to make it all official!  We love you so much little guy.  You make us so happy!



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This is a story of two lovebirds who got in a little over their heads, or at times it feels that way, remodeling a little home built in the 1940's. Our journey has bumps and twists, ups and downs, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Please join us and our two poodles as we flip this old house and work towards the adoption of our first child!

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