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Baby Everett You are 6 Months Old

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Half of a year!  Wow!  To think 6 months ago the caseworkers brought you to us from the hospital.  You were 4 days old!  That day I had planned for all the girls in the entire church to come over and have a sleepover.  Our caseworker called us at noon, what a surprise she had for us.  A newborn boy only 4 days old!  “When will he get here I eagerly asked?” “Tonight,” was the response I heard from the phone.  Holy Smokes!  What a rush.  I have so much to do, I thought.  Mrs. Kellie was with me at the time and she called Mr. Chance to ask him to bring over some newborn baby clothes.  I had another friend who had a baby bath, diaper bag, and lots of other baby goodies.  Mrs. Kellie and I drove over there to pick it all up.  At 4:00 the girls started arriving.  We ordered pizza and tried to relax.  Your case worker called and said she was bringing a crib, clothes, bottles, etc over.  It was a mad rush and it all went so fast.  My heart was pounding in my ears all day.  Daddy and I were so excited.  At the time we were fostering a 3 month old and also had your brother Elijah.  There ended up being around 20 girls at our home, I had to tell them they couldn’t stay the night, since obviously there wasn’t any room! 🙂  They all stayed long enough to welcome you home.  Three case workers brought you in.  They kept saying that you were so sweet and they wanted to keep you.  I told them, there was NO way! 🙂  You looked so incredibly tiny in that big ole’ carseat.  They took you out and handed you to me.  They kept talking about formula, feedings, paperwork, sign this and that, I felt like I was underwater or in a big bubble with you.  Just me and you.  I’m glad Dada was listening, so we would know what to do. 🙂

We fed all the girls and they watched a movie and passed you around.  Daddy changed you out of your hospital shirt into a onesie, he was so nervous because you were so tiny!  You weighed 7lbs!  I’m so glad Mrs. Kellie and Mr. Chance were there, because she reminded me to get my camera!  I was able to capture Elijah seeing you for the first time and all of our first moments.  We were all so happy.  You had a bandaid on both feet from them running tests at the hospital.  Mrs. Kellie helped us stick your little heels in some warm water to get them off.  Everyone kept saying how beautiful and tiny you were.  You were so soft and warm.  I never wanted to put you down.  Your first night we had our nightly bible devo like we always do.  Mama and Dada both had babies in our arms as we sang songs and Elijah quoted his memory verses.  It was so sweet to have our arms and hearts full.

That first night you were awake.  A lot.  I had a bouncy seat by my bed, but you just wanted to sleep on my chest.  I remember you staring at me with these huge, glossy eyes.  I think you knew then that I was your Mama and I would always protect you.  I loved you from the second I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms.

Now you are 6 months old.  You’ve been alive for half a year.  Everyone that meets you falls in love.

The Hardest Thing: trying not to kiss your sweet cheeks, lips, and hands while you are sleeping.

The Silliest Thing: how hard you laugh when we tickle you!

Your Newest Thing: when I feed you your bottle you play with my hair, not pull it, you gently touch it with your hands.

The Fastest Thing: you as you scoot and flip around the room.  You are now pulling your legs under your body and putting your little booty in the air!

The Smartest Thing You Do: when I bring you your bottle you will take out your paci and grab the bottle and put it in your mouth.

I Just Love: when you grab both of your feet as I’m changing your diaper!

  • you have the most beautiful blue eyes.
  • you want to grab anything your brother has.
  • you love to be tickled.  from your feet to your chin.  you giggle so loudly.
  • the day before you turned 6 months we had the biggest snow.  you slept through most of it.
  • we are about to start feeding you solid foods.  so far you have gnawed on low sodium bacon and a slice of orange.
  • you’re so interested in everything going on around you.
  • you flip, pull, roll, and scoot your way around the room.
  • you can’t sit on your own yet or technically crawl, and you have no teeth.
  • books are your favorite<<<you love to eat them. 🙂
  • you love it when I play music and dance.  you giggle.
  • you say “mooommaaammaaammaa” when you cry.
  • you still fall asleep on your own and are taking your paci less and less.
  • you grow so quiet when we go outside.  you just look around and take everything in.
  • your Dada, Mama, and brother love you more than anything else in the world.Everett's 6 month photoshoot 121 Everett's 6 month photoshoot 122 Everett's 6 month photoshoot 006Snow Day 219

I’m going to have to come back to all these photos after you are adopted and change them out for ones with your face.


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