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Baby Everett You are 5 Months Old!

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Well, you were on the 29th of December!  Mama’s a little late getting the blog updated with the holidays and all, I’m sure you understand.

This month:

  • Well, from 4 months to 5 months you decided you didn’t like to sleep at night.  They say there is some kind of sleep regression at 4 months.  You were waking up 6 to 10 times a night for at least 3 weeks.  Your back on track now and only wake about two times.
  • We celebrated your first Christmas a few days before you turned 5 months!  Here’s a picture of you eating the paper.

Vanity 046 Vanity 041


  • We were actually surprised that you were big enough to tear/eat/rip the paper.  You would eat  your actual gifts too!
  • You put everything in your mouth, and you are still slobbering a lot.  No teeth yet though.
  • You learned to roll from your back to your belly this month.  You can also scoot/crawl backwards.  You pretty much can get your hands on anything you want!
  • It’s very hard to hold you in our laps when we eat.  Tonight you pulled my cup down and put my straw in your mouth.  We thought it was so funny so we took a picture, then a minute later I hear a sucking sound….you were drinking my sweet tea!!!  We died laughing and were very thankful it was decaf!
  • You rode down your first slide, in Mama’s lap of course, at the park.  We went down three different slides.  We recorded it on daddy’s phone.  When you are adopted we will post it on here.
  • You still sleep with your blanket pulled over your face.  I guess it’s just a comfort/security thing.
  • You will go to anyone.  You love to see new people and love to be held.
  • You do this bouncy thing with your legs on my lap. a lot.
  • You still stare at daddy when he is preaching.  You recognize his voice anywhere and turn towards him.
  • Elijah is still your favorite person.  You will sit in your excersaucer in his room and watch him play.  If you are reading this, you should really stop pulling his hair…and the pups would appreciate if your tiny fingers didn’t find theirs either.
  • We are still cloth diapering you.  That is going well, I love your fat little tooshie in those things!

Vanity 057

(Here is one we got you for Christmas, and Mama knitted the leg warmers…we are pretty big Harry Potter fans, and expect you to be one too 🙂

Vanity 095

  • I take a couple posed pictures of you every month.  I can’t really show them, but I was able to blur your face in one.  One day when you are all mine I will post the month pictures on the appropriate posts.  I take one of you in front of a big chalkboard and then I take one of you with a bear I made, to compare your size.
  • You have almost outgrown 3 to 6 month clothes, you are super long!

We all love you so very much!  You are the most perfect baby.  I really wish I could freeze time and hold you near so you never get big.  I know that’s not fair to you, but you are just so perfect at this moment, I don’t want to loose it.  I try to treasure each and every day I get to be your mom.  I try not to fuss too much over having a clean house, or things that don’t matter.  I am human though and I fail often.  I try to smell you often, I never want to forget the way you smell.  I love to rub your sweet arms, feet, face, your skin is so perfectly smooth.  My favorite time is when we get to cuddle close and you fall asleep next to me.  Your soft breathing puts my mind to ease and soothes me.  You are so perfect.  You are what is beautiful in this world.  Never change dear one.  I love you just the way you are.  My baby boy.

You laughing as I tickle you.



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One thought on “Baby Everett You are 5 Months Old!

  1. LOVE IT!!! 🙂 I cant believe how big our babies are getting!! I can totally relate to a lot that you are going through…wish I could freeze time right now 😉

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