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Everett is 3 Months Old!


I wanted to write some things down so I don’t forget.  It’s easier to document on here, and then later write it in his baby book.

Everett turned 3 months on the 29th!  I can’t believe how much he has grown over the last 3 months!  He’s such a good eater.  I haven’t weighed him in a while and he doesn’t go back to the doctor for a month, but I’m sure he is gaining weight well.  He is also incredibly long!

We had an amazing first Halloween with our kiddos.  It’s so cool that we get to experience “Baby’s First Holidays” this year.  But it kinda feels the same way with Elijah too, because it’s our first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with him also.  It still blows my mind that back in April we had no children and now we are parents to not one, but two precious little souls!  Our God is SO good.  Next month will be Jeff and my 9th anniversary!  Even though we are so busy, it seems time is finally slowing down for me.  I get to enjoy the day to day of being a stay-at-home mom and it feels so good.

Within the last few weeks Everett slept through the night.  I believe it was the night of the 27th, he slept 9 straight hours.  He usually sleeps 4 to 7, which I’m totally fine with.  He loves to snuggle with his Mama and Dada.  This month he also started rubbing his eyes when he started to feel sleepy, I saw him grab his feet once ( when he was in his bumbo), and he holds my hands when I feed him his bottle.  <<that one is my favorite.  He has found out how to take his paci out of his mouth with his hands.  I’m not sure why he does it, because he just gets mad!  It’s funny because he will put his pointer finger on top and his thumb on bottom and take it out like an adult would!  Everett loves holding onto something.  If he doesn’t have a burp cloth or a blanket on him, he will grab his shirt…if you are holding him he will grab and pull on your shirt, or necklace, or hair!  He also does something else that is funny and kinda makes me nervous: when he wants to go to sleep he will pull his blanket or burp cloth over his head! Like this:

My Boys 002

He likes to bury his face in my shirt if I’m holding him and if he is trying to fall asleep.  During the day when it’s time to nap he gets a little fussy and fights it, but for some reason at night he just lays there and closes his eyes. ❤  I love at naptime when he is starting to get fussy, I’ll just lay down with him really close, so he can feel my breath, and I’ll gently rub my fingers on his forehead…he goes right to sleep.  I think he likes the rhythm of my breathing and the smell of me.  Sometimes he will grab my hair in one hand and my shirt in the other.  Then I know it’s time for Mama to nap too (I’m not going anywhere!)  It really is so amazing being a mom!  I know I say it a lot, but there was a point in my life where I thought none of this was possible…now I get to experience it all!

Everett is talking SO much.  He is the happiest baby in the mornings.  Before the time change he would wake up around 7:30 and we’d cuddle until he fell back asleep.  He would wake up again around 9 and just coo and laugh.  The best feeling is seeing your baby peer into your eyes and grin.  He’s like, “there you are mom!”  Ahhhh….he takes my breath away.  He loves cuddling and talking with Dada in the mornings too.  Sometimes they lay there (in deep conversation) for a long time.  He then takes another nap around 10:30, and another around 1:00pm.  I try not to let him fall asleep after 6pm, because then he won’t go to bed until really late and we will be up all night.

Back to talking and cooing.  Today in worship he was SO loud.  He went on and on in bible class and then during his dad’s sermon he was trying to preach too!  Everyone says he’ll be a preacher.  It’s so funny.

Elijah has started taking a lot more interest in his brother.  He tries to give him his paci, help me feed him, and has started trying to entertain  him! <<my favorite.  If Everett starts to cry, Elijah says, “What’s the matter little brother!”  He’ll try and bounce him or talk to him.  Sometimes Everett and I will play in Elijah’s room with Elijah.  The other day I left a fussy Everett on Elijah’s bed for 5 minutes, while I ran to get something.  As I’m coming down the hall I hear giggling from both boys.  I poked my head around the corner and found Elijah sitting on the bed with Everett with a crocheted snake, waving it around saying, “Ssssss!”  Everett would just bust out laughing which prompted Elijah’s laughter too.  I ran to get Jeff, it was just too precious of a moment not to share.  Up until now, Elijah hasn’t shown much interest in the baby.  I think now that Everett isn’t crying as much and is actually able to babble and laugh, Elijah has grown more fond of him.  I’m so excited to see more sweet moments like these.  I hope they grow up to be best friends!

Today my boys looked so handsome in their little button downs, I had to take a picture of them.  I hate that you can’t see Everett’s beautiful chubby cheeks and blue eyes, but you can still tell he’s a cutie and getting so big!

My Boys 021 My Boys 017


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  1. I love hearing all about your sweet boys! I love your little family! ❤ Blessings all around!

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