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“You is pretty mom, but you is Meghan.”

“You have on a Batman shirt, mom?  That is cool, mom!”  I’m so happy my 3 year old thinks I’m cool.

Who’s the first man Elijah?  “Adam.”  Good.  Who’s the first woman?  “Jacob.”….um, no, Eve.  Adam was the first husband, Eve was the first wife. “Mommy, where’s my wife?”

“Supper was pretty good mom.”  After he had eaten 3 plates of coleslaw.

Today Elijah saw Voldemort on t.v. “He is a monster Mommy?” That’s my boy.

“Your hair is silly mom.”  I had it up in a clip.

I measure Elijah today and he is 38 1/4 inches tall.

Today we tie-dyed some t-shirts for Elijah and some burp clothes for Everett.  Elijah, of course, has dye on his fingers…good thing tomorrow is Sunday.  😛

He’s been singing ring-a-round the rosies a lot.  We didn’t teach him that.

Yesterday, September 6th, the day we got the call that they were ready to move forward with Elijah’s adoption.  That date is going in his adoption book.

Elijah can put his own shoes on (Velcro and flip-flops) and he gets them on the right feet.

When he takes off his clothes he will put them in the dirty clothes hamper or back in the drawer.  It’s hard to tell which is clean, but at least he picks up after himself.

Elijah has started to learn to hold the door open for people, especially ladies.

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before, but Elijah will shake someone’s hand and say, “Nice to meet you.” Every time…it’s the cutest thing ever.

Elijah hasn’t mentioned his foster brother in 4 days…he hasn’t seem him since May, but he used to talk about him everyday.

Elijah is starting to pay more attention to Everett.  He wants to put his paci in his mouth, help me feed him his bottle, and will bounce him in his bouncy seat.  I hope they grow up to be really close.  I think 3 years apart is the perfect age difference, because Elijah is potty trained (he has recently wanted to even wipe himself!),  Elijah sleeps 12 hours a night, and he can help me out around the house (pick up after himself.)  I love this!  I couldn’t have planned it any better if they were my biological kids.

I try not to write short posts like this everyday, but I’m going to forget this funny stuff if I don’t.  I wish my brain was bigger.


Author: Jeff & Meg

This is a story of two lovebirds who got in a little over their heads, or at times it feels that way, remodeling a little home built in the 1940's. Our journey has bumps and twists, ups and downs, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Please join us and our two poodles as we flip this old house and work towards the adoption of our first child!

2 thoughts on “Funnies.

  1. This one made me cry. It’s sad that he has to forget a precious relationship to make progress in a more important relationship. Don’t yet know if I’ll show Simon this blog. Our prayers are with you, Kathie

    • It’s so hard, and so complicated. He asked me the other day if S lived in Alabama, I said, “No India.” He said when I gonna go there? I said probably never, baby. Then he got real upset and said, but when am I gonna see S again! I told him maybe when he was older, like 5. I have no idea what to do, because he misses all of ya’ll SO much. I just wonder how it would effect him for ya’ll to be grandparents to him. I think he will be really confused at this age. We will keep updating as we can, maybe one day he will be ready to read about Elijah! Thank you for the prayers!

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