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Some Facts About My Kid…So I’ll Never Forget

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When E wakes up he says, “Sun’s up Mommy!”

When E calls someone on the phone, it is always Simon.  He seems quite mad at Simon and tells him “No!”, and hangs up the phone.

E will say, “I love you daddy” or “I love you Mommy” out of the blue.

He says “I love my doggies, Mommy”, -20 x’s a day.

Whenever I say, “I love you E”, he says, “Thank You!”

He can say extremely large words like Rhinoceros and Aquarium.

Today he was acting crazy and wild and then turned to me and said, “settle down mommy”….I’ve never said that to him btw.

The second night he was with us he ran up and down the hall screaming, “the monsters are coming, the monsters are coming”!!!  Keira sat on a rug at the end of the hall and turned her head to the left and then to the right…never moving away from his failing self.  One day I will show ya’ll the video of this.  Hilarious.

E pooed in his pants today.  He has been having difficulties with going #2 and will hold it in for days (tmi, I know).  Anyways, he is on medicine and went in his pants.  He could tell I was upset (though I never shouted or anything) and said, “it’s okay mommy.”

E loves dried mangos, raisins, grapes, bananas, apples, watermelon, popsicle, applesauce, cheeseburgers, pb&j, mac n’ cheese, spaghetti, chocolate milk, goldfish, teddy grahams.

E has the kindest heart.  He is always checking on people making sure they are ok (mostly the elderly.)  He seems to sense if someone needs a hug.  He ran up to our 12 year old neighbor and hugged him for so long (Simon is this age), he also hugged his Sunday morning bible class teacher after she asked his name…a hug was his response.  He practically jumped over the pew to hug the elderly man that sits behind us.

E likes older children and seems disinterested in children younger than him.

I took E to a friend’s house the other day, I haven’t mentioned this friend or drove him by his house again.  Today when we were walking he said “that’s W’s house!”  It wasn’t, but did look similar.  I was just shocked he brought up his name after only meeting him once.

The other night I was reading a book to E.  This book is from the library and he has never seen it before.  The next morning he was on the beanbag reading it word for word.  He is only 3.  (I know he wasn’t actually reading, but had memorized it after one read)

He knows that eighteen comes after 17.

He’s obsessed with monsters and monster trucks.  He loves trains, especially Thomas.  He loves his Leap Pad 2 and calls it an Ipod.  Madagascar is his favorite game.  He loves Kung Fu Panda.  Panda and Tigress are his favorite characters.  He wants to watch his Curious George movies every day.

Today I bought him a pool, but all he could talk about was his watermelon and popsicles.

He talks so much everyday, I wish I could write it all down or remember more.

He hates the dentist.  He was fine with fingers in his mouth but didn’t want any foreign objects in there.

He is enamored with the moon.  He looks for it all day long.  He has a moon nightlight that he will not sleep without and he has “Goodnight Moon”, which was my favorite book as a kid.

Last one for tonight, he looks just like his daddy.


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