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We Survived Our 1st Month as Parents!

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This weekend marked a month since Little Bit was brought into our lives.  Here is a quick rundown of what I have learned.

  1. Being a parent is hard, if you are doing it right.  Really hard.
  2. The first two weeks were by far the easiest (honeymoon period).
  3. She is a different child after visits with her parents.
  4. It’s getting a lot tougher as she tests her boundaries.
  5. It’s totally worth it.


So.  It’s gotten harder.  A lot harder.  Maybe if she was born to me and we had raised her from birth this wouldn’t be quite as tough.  We have to learn each other.  That’s the hardest part.  She’s trying to see what she can get away with.  We have to get really creative with discipline.  She thinks she is running the family.  I’m serious.  We kinda let her do that the first 2 weeks, because we were scared.  We didn’t know what on earth we were doing…and still don’t.  We’ve learned a ton though.

After the two week mark the tantrums and fussing followed.  She doesn’t want to sit in her highchair and eat.  She wants to play with certain things that aren’t hers or could hurt her.  She doesn’t want me to leave the room.  She likes to grab my finger and make me follow her everywhere.  We let all that slide the first two weeks.  Partly because we felt sorry for her, partly because we didn’t know how to handle it.  I know there are a million ways to discipline…I also know it depends on the child’s age as to what works.  We are still figuring it out as a family.  Jeff and I have to be a team.  We know that.  It’s so tough to not give in.

After every visit she seems to forget everything she has learned.  She regresses.  It’s tough.  I know this will continue because she has visits EVERY week.  Her little mind has no idea what’s going on.  I’m sure she acts up more because she misses them and is confused about why she isn’t going back home with them.

She is totally moving out of our room.  It’s for the best, for all three of us.  I’m sad to see her go, but she sleeps better when we aren’t in there.  I know this because sometimes we take naps while she is napping and she cries to get out of the bed (which she doesn’t do when it’s just her).  I think this will also help with the barking waking her…since the pups stay in our room.

It’s totally worth it.  All parents have ups and downs.  All kids push the boundaries.  The hard part with this is, it’s very difficult to make any progress.  I feel like I’m swimming upstream.  I’m not going to give up or give in.  We are the parents!  Feels so weird to say that.  Pray for Little Bit.  Bless her little heart.   She’s such a doll-baby.  She still loves on us and cuddles all the time.

Everywhere we go people stop us and tell us how beautiful she is.  One women tried to take her home to her son who wanted a sister!  I hope and pray we are making some sort of impact on her little life.


Author: Jeff & Meg

This is a story of two lovebirds who got in a little over their heads, or at times it feels that way, remodeling a little home built in the 1940's. Our journey has bumps and twists, ups and downs, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Please join us and our two poodles as we flip this old house and work towards the adoption of our first child!

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