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Where Are All the Mother’s At?


Oh dear.  What a day.

There are two things I know for certain.

1. Naptime is impossible if you live in the city.

First you have the neighborhood dogs and their owners walking them.  Then you have your dogs who have a sixth sense about the neighborhood dogs being anywhere near your property…thus having the right to “protect” their property.  Then you have the loud trucks constantly beeping.  What’s all that stinkin’ beeping about!?!  Oh wait, they are paving the road outside.  Then there are the neighbors who feel it’s the opportune time to mow and weed eat the lawn…don’t forget about the leaf blowers!

2. When your a mom taking a shower is next to impossible.

The plan was to shower during naptime…whether it was the dogs or the beeping, I’m not for certain, but naptime got cut short!  I know I’m probably a bad mom for doing this, but I left her in her cage with her toys and the t.v. on.  I showered anyways.  I had to.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve showered…or brushed my teeth for that matter…BrrrrrrrUhhhtttttttttsssssssLaaaaaaaBrrrrrrrrrrAhhhhhhhhEeeeeeee……That is what I heard the whole time.  I was showering like I was in a showering marathon, but Little Bit was highly agitated.  She makes these strange noises when she gets past the crying.  I know it’s sad, but I really needed to shower.

So, the title is of this post is Where are all the Mother’s At, because I’m just wondering what other moms do all day.  I feel like I’m super busy and I’m getting a lot accomplished, but I want to use all my time wisely.  I want to treasure every moment, and have lots of teaching opportunities.

She usually wakes up at 7, 7:30, if I’m lucky.  We head straight to the potty.  I make her breakfast, clean her up.  Try to eat something myself.  Go back to the potty after breakfast.  Put on some clothes.  Turn on a load of laundry.  Play in the living room.  Do some dishes.  Feed the dogs, birds, turtles, fish. <<if they are lucky.  Make sure everyone has water.  Naptime varies.  Sometimes we do lunch first, sometimes we nap first.  Naps range from one hour to three, depending on the neighborhood and our dogs (see #1 of this post).  Get up and go potty.  Play with daddy.  We usually go outside for a while.  Take a walk.  Have a playdate.  Go to the park.  Start supper.  Fold some clothes.  Eat supper.  Watch an episode of t.v.  Bath time.  Brush teeth.  Bible study time.  Bed by 8:30.

Even though our day is jammed packed, I want to make sure I’m using the time we have together to teach her.  I need fun ideas.  She’s just a toddler, but I know she can learn so much!

Some of the things I love about Little Bit.

1.  When she is trying to go to sleep she whispers to herself.  Also, if she wakes up in the middle of the night she will do this before she falls back to sleep.  I wish I knew what she was saying.  It sounds like alien talk.

2.  When I hold her and she is cuddling with me, she will lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back.  Not sure if she’s patting me to sleep or if they are little love pats.  It’s the sweetest thing EVER!

Things are going great.  We are trying to have a routine.  I can tell she is used to us now.  She is trying to push her boundaries.  She is feeling us out and seeing how far she can go.  We’ve had a couple tantrums.  We sorta just ignore her when she’s doing that.  She’s usually sitting or laying down in a safe place.  She gets over it after a few minutes.  She doesn’t understand time out.  It’s really hard, because she wants me to hold her and carry her around all the time.  I don’t want her to think she is the boss, but I know she needs reassurance that we will always be there for her.  She hates it when I leave the room she’s in.  If I go get a diaper while she’s on the pot, or some clean clothes for her from the other room.  She screams and cries and wants me to take her with me.

How do you deal with tantrums?


Author: Jeff & Meg

This is a story of two lovebirds who got in a little over their heads, or at times it feels that way, remodeling a little home built in the 1940's. Our journey has bumps and twists, ups and downs, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Please join us and our two poodles as we flip this old house and work towards the adoption of our first child!

8 thoughts on “Where Are All the Mother’s At?

  1. Hey there sweetie! I used to use the high chair as a way to put mine in the same room with me with a snack (like Cheerios or something tiny that takes concentration to pick up). You could put the high chair in the bathroom door entrance and talk/sing with her while you take your shower. That way you can peak out like your playing peek-a-boo and make it like you’re playing a game. She might stay still for you that way! If I were home, Austin and I could come and watch her for you while you got some stuff done. 🙂 You’re doing a GREAT job!!

  2. Meghan,
    Do you have a sound machine in her room with her? All of us sleep with fans to drown out noise. I learned that from a fellow mom. You could use a fan or a white noise machine. As far as showering goes, could you give her some toys, puzzles, or books and let her play in the floor of the bathroom with the door closed while you shower? You could talk or sing to her and peak your head out to keep an eye on her. Or, you could keep showering during her naptime. I let my kids play/lay in their cribs for a little while after they wake up. I’ve found that, my kids at least, need a few minutes to “wake up” for them to be in a good mood after they wake up from nap or bedtime. Sometimes they fuss, but they don’t scream. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve always done it and they’re used to it? Anyways, we don’t get them out of their beds right away after they wake up. When I go into their rooms to get them up I also don’t pick them up right away. We play and talk with big smiles for a minute and then get them out. I feel like it gets them to like their beds. As far as tantrums go, my kids don’t throw them often. Karlee hasn’t thrown one yet, but Brody has sure thrown a few! I usually put him in our room (so he doesn’t associate his room as a negative place) and stand outside the door and tell him “When you’re all done crying, Mommy will get you out.” When he was younger I would step out and say “all done! all done crying!” and then step back in and pick him up and let him “settle” and then we’d walk out of the room. If he started crying again we’d repeat the process until he stopped. I know she sleeps in your room so maybe a different room could work? As far as activities, Brody loves to paint and play with play doh. I squirt some washable paint on a paper plate and give him the plate, an 8×10 piece of cardstock, and paintbrush. He picks a color and when he’s done I wash the brush for him and give it back.
    These are just what works for us, but maybe something will work for you.

    • Great ideas! I love these! Yeah, I told Jeff I can’t punish her by putting her in her crib, because she will associate being bad with the crib/naps/sleep. I can try that in her play room though. I definitely need to get her some puzzles, play doh, and finger paint!

  3. The kids I babysit sleep with a box fan on. And mom used to turn on cartoons to entertain us for a while, and preschool age shows are not terrible for her. I watch them with the kid Si babysit and they are typically educational and entertaining.

  4. Shaving cream is a fun thing to play with.Squirt it on the table or high chair tray and let her draw in it.It will “go away” after a few min. Stickers are great for little ones,esp at church.Stick them on her hand or arm.Don’t have a whole lot available or she will want them all.
    I’ve heard that playing “Peek a boo” is a way to teach a child that you will be there ,even if they don’t see you for a moment or two.
    Bath time for you will always be tricky.I’ve showered with one looking under the door and screaming “PLEASE LET ME IN .” Probably a high chair close to the shower might be best for now.Keep her close by and busy.Talk to her and play peek a boo.
    When one of mine was teething she was always sick ,runny nose,fever. I could tell a tooth was coming before it showed up.All kids are different .Thank goodness.
    Sounds like you are doing great.Keep up the good work.

  5. Please take what I say as you want and disreguard what you dont. I dont want you to take that I am telling you to do anything, just giving some ideas. You do sound like a new mother needing some ideas so here it goes. First, lets talk about the nap time. Lots of times babies or little ones can be woke up from a good nap and not be able to go back to sleep. I believe that they do need a nice nap to make it through the day. I always used a fan and also a radio(classical music or soft music). I also had a clock in my childs room so you can hear the second hand go around real soft. As far as you taking a shower, the highchair can be good, but shavingcream I question(not to be ugly) but I dont know what is in the shaving cream. I think there may be alcohol in it. Also she could rub her eyes with it. I always kept those little teething toys that you freeze or put in the frig for those times that my child needed to keep busy, if she is teething this will really help her stay in the highchair for you to shower. I always had 4 or 5 so that they could try all of them and keep busy with them! Try it sweetie, I know it will work for you. With you putting the highchair next to the shower so that you can talk to her and sing to her, then with the teething toys, I just know you will be able to shower as long as you want. The dollar store or Walmart has these teething toys for next to nothing and because of that you can buy several for her to try out and play with plus get relief from teething. When she wakes up, play with her in her crib for a few minutes, this will let her get to like being in her crib. Not too long though, because you do want her to know that her crib is her bed, for sleeping. Now, last but not least, the tantrums, let them throw it pay it no mind, ignore them(make sure that they arent going to bump their head or anything), eventally she will stop when she realizes that you are not paying her any attention. The one thing that I want you to understand, it is not just you that is new at this, not knowing what to do at times or how to do, Little Bit is too. She is new at this too. You and Jeff are different to her. She is not used to you and doesnt know exactly how to do either so remember you all are learning together. You will eventally find what works for you and she will find what works for her also. I think you are doing an amazing job. Enjoy it, love it, have fun and you will learn as you go, just like we all have. I just love that you and Jeff are sharing your lives with children, children that need you. Love you all, Terri

    PS. I would love to see yall when you come home next time! I live in Loxley now but just 5 min. from where I used to live.

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