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DIY Fleece Covers

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I am in LOVE with fleece covers!  Today I tried my hand at making them.  This is the pattern that I used.  Rita’s Rump is the fitted diaper pattern I use.  I haven’t tried them under the fleece covers, only because I haven’t bought my Snappi’s yet.  I have used a handmade fitted that has velcro on it…it’s kinda bulky, because it has built in absorption.  That’s what baby has on under the fleece in the picture.  She has wet 3 diapers today and not once has the fleece gotten wet!  It repels water very well.

The fleece is just clearance fleece from Hobby Lobby.  You can choose to use elastic in the waist, but you really don’t need it with fleece.

I can’t give you a full review because I haven’t washed one of these covers yet…so I’m not sure how it will hold up or look after washing.  You only need to wash them when they smell like pee or get poop on them.  I will just throw it in with my regular wash.

Fleece Cover 033 Fleece Cover 038 Fleece Cover 042

I’m not going to write a tutorial, because there is a good one on the link I provided, but here are a few shots of the process.

Fleece Cover 045I folded my fabric and laid the pattern on the fold.  Trace with a sharpie and then cut out.

Fleece Cover 084Here they are all cut.  You want to sew up the sides only.  Make sure your right sides are facing.  Do not sew the top or leg holes.

Fleece Cover 083You will also need to cut two leg bands and one waist band.  I just measured around Little Bit’s waist and leg.  I also made sure to cut my fleece with the stretch.  I don’t know how to say that, but your fleece has a certain direction that it stretches…make sure your leg and waist bands will stretch horizontally.  You can cut your fleece out in a matching color or a different one.  I like to switch it up.  Make sure your bands are double the thickness you want the finish product, because you are going to fold them over.  From here follow the instructions on the pattern linked.

When sewing the leg holes you are going to have 3 layers of fleece to sew through, the doubled over leg cuff and the body of the covers.  I have a super cheap sewing machine and it gave me no problems.  I stitched them with a really wide zigzag.

I’m going to end up with something like 10 of these and I paid $5 total for the fleece (less than 2 yards).  You can buy elastic if you want, but I don’t think that it’s necessary.  So far these are the most economical covers I’ve made.

Let me know if you try these!

*I forgot to mention that this pattern will fit 12 to 24 months.  It really just depends on what you put under in.  If you use a fitted or a prefold, it might be able to fit on a 9 month.  If you use something thin like an insert or just panties it could fit 24 months.  Little Bit is about the size of a 12 month, and I use a thick fitted on her and then pull these over.

**Update** She slept in this fleece cover with a fitted last night.  She drunk a whole lot yesterday and by this morning the fitted was completely soaked and had spilled over the fleece onto her clothes.  I need to figure something out for overnight…maybe a wool cover and extra inserts in her diaper.  I’m washing the fleece now, so I will update you later on how it looks after the wash/dry.


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One thought on “DIY Fleece Covers

  1. So easy to make! I’d suggest cutting them though a 90 degree turn from what you have pictured. Stretch goes side to side on fleece, so cutting them as pictured would make them stretch up and down not side to side, so they could be harder to get on. 🙂 I like making a wet zone double layer because fleece isn’t completely waterproof, but this, along with fabric softener in the dryer, helps a bit!

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