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What a Day!


Little Bit is sick.  I can’t stand it.  Now, it all makes perfect sense…why she’s been wetting herself, not sleeping at all, fussing.  She’s had a fever!  I knew she felt hot last night, but I didn’t check her temperature. 😦  Tonight she was sweltering.  Her face and neck and body felt hot, but her cheeks and hands were cold.  I took her temperature under her arm pit and it said 101.9!!!  I’m so sad for her little self.  I kinda panicked.  We’ve been parents for less than a week and she’s already sick!  Seriously!

She has been cutting molars, so I pray it is just from that.  Her nose is running a little bit too, so I don’t know.  I got a cool rag and held it on her neck and head and DaaDuh (Jeff) ran to the dollar store (thank goodness they were open for 30 more minutes) to grab some baby Tylenol.  I really hate to medicate her, but I didn’t know what else to do.  I pray it helps her sleep tonight.

Earlier today we had a huge surprise….not a good one.  She had a check up at the doctors and we were given the option of bringing her or her being picked up  (of course I want to talk to her doctor and know about her health).  No one informed us of what to do.  We didn’t know if a social worker would be there or what.  I knew from our classes that we couldn’t sign any of her paperwork…because she isn’t legally our child, but we weren’t sure if they sent DHR her paperwork later or what.  Anyways, we get there and then comes in the social worker…which points to a couple sitting in the waiting room, that we had just walked by, and said “those are her parents”.  What???  Why weren’t we told?  Her mom is crying.  I feel like the bad guy.  We asked if we could sit by them and let them hold her (they haven’t seen her in almost a week), and the case worker says yes.  I’m shaking, how awkward and awful is this?  We weren’t sure what to do, so we brought them their baby.  Aren’t we suppose to remain confidential?  How do they feel about us?  How am I supposed to take her from them…AGAIN?

Little Bit sat in their laps, we all talked.  Then her parents and the social worker when back to see the doctor.  But wait, isn’t this child living with me?  Don’t I need to know about her health too?  I wasn’t invited back.  Now she’s sick and we’re the only ones that know what she’s been going through the last two days.  Is this fair?  Is this fair to Little Bit?

I don’t understand.  It seems so backwards.  Isn’t this making it harder on her?  Her dad was asking the social worker questions about time-frames.  Will she live with one of their relatives soon?  Apparently no one knows…no one knows what will happen, how long she will be with us, or anything about the future of this child in general.  My heart is breaking for her.  Though I would love for her to stay with us forever (perfect child, remember), the longer she stays the harder it will be on us and on her…not to mention her whole family.

Why does this process take so long?  Start pushing those papers, so this baby can go home.  Poor sick, little, feverish baby, laying in her crib.  I can’t get her parents faces out of my head.  I can’t stop imagining what if that was us in their places…if the roles were switched.  I don’t think I will sleep again tonight.


Author: Jeff & Meg

This is a story of two lovebirds who got in a little over their heads, or at times it feels that way, remodeling a little home built in the 1940's. Our journey has bumps and twists, ups and downs, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Please join us and our two poodles as we flip this old house and work towards the adoption of our first child!

3 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. Praying for your Little Bit. And for y’all. And her parents.. without knowing what exactly to pray, I pray that God’s Will be done.

  2. WOW!!! unbelievable…. 😦

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