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My Very Own Special Yarn. Knitted Sweater Project, Post V, The Finish Product, Modeled.

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spring sweater finished 016


I finally finished my Spring Sweater!  Now you can see it all put together!  If you missed the previous posts detailing the construction of the sweater start to finish you can see post IV here, III here, II here, and I here.

If you want the pattern for this sweater you can find it here.

What is so special about this sweater that I have done 5 (yes 5)  posts?  That would be the fact that the  sweater was made by hand,  down to the yarn.  I mean, it was made the way they did back in the day, like hundreds of years ago!  My friend ordered the sheep wool (roving), dyed it an spun it up on a wheel.  Yes, a wheel!  Like the one on Sleeping Beauty!  How cool is that!?!  Props to her for being so amazing and bringing back an art form that could be close to being lost.  Spinning!  I’m so impressed by her talents and I am 100% pleased with the results of my yarn she shipped to me.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Handspun yarn 010I’m a sucker for all things fiber, especially yummy, plush, Merino wool!  It’s like knitting a cloud!  The subtle thick and thin of the yarn gets me weak in my knees!  The variations between the grays were perfect and look so lovely in my sweater.

For the pattern:  I knit mine a bit wider and two inches longer than recommended for the size S.  I wanted it to be loose, so it would look cute with skinny jeans and boots, or a pencil skirt and flats.  So I guess I made the size large?  I am also not very good at lace work, so I knit the lattice on top as loosely as I could.  It’s very plush.  I did block the bottom half of the sweater, but more of a mist blocking.  After I wash it I will properly block and hang to dry.

Here are some more shots.  I love it layered under denim or a military jacket.  Oh and for those of you who asked, yes it is very soft, cozy, and comfortable.  It is also warm, but not too warm since the top of it is knitted loosely and it has no sleeves.

spring sweater finished 018 spring sweater finished 004 parrotlets step up 058


Have you learned any ‘lost arts’ lately?  What do you like to do in your spare time?  Any hobbies?  I’d love to hear about them!



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