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DIY Lacy, Doily Pillow Tutorial


pillows for crib 002I’m making three pillows today to go in the crib (for decoration).  Two sweater pillows, and one layered pillow made of a sheet and a doily thing.

You will need pillow forms, or poly-fil.  I found the form for this pillow at Wal-Mart for $3.

pillows for crib 003For sweater pillows, you just cut the arms off and then trim around the remaining sweater, so it is the shape of your pillow form (save your sleeves and make legwarmers).  Face the right sides together and then sew 3 sides, leave the 4th open and insert your form.  Pillow sweaters are very hard to sew because they are knit and very stretchy.  I’m not very good at it!  I had to handsew all my closures after I put my forms in.

On to the doily pillow…

pillows for crib 004Take the right side of the doily/lace and face it up on top of the right side of your sheet/fabric.  Sew all four sides.

pillows for crib 005It will look like this.

pillows for crib 006Next take your doily side and put it face down on the right side facing of your other fabric.  Pin it and sew 3 sides (I like to sew one short and both the long sides).

pillows for crib 009Flip it right side out and this is what it will look like.

pillows for crib 012Stuff your pillow.

pillows for crib 013Fold down the edges and pin.  You will probably need to handsew this shut with a hidden stitch.  You can also make pillows the same way but with actual small doilies for decoration.  You would follow these directions, except you would probably handsew the small doily on the fabric.

pillows for crib 014 pillows for crib 019 pillows for crib 020 pillows for crib 021

How cute are those owls?  A good friend of mine gave me this vintage sweater.  I sure hope our little one enjoys looking at it.pillows for crib 024pillows for crib 028 Here is what they all look like with the new crib sheet.  This sheet was much harder to make because it’s a jersey knit cotton.  It pulled and tugged which made it a lot harder to sew.  But if you use cotton or flannel you should have no problem.  Here is the tutorial I followed.  I had no idea it would be so easy!

pillows for crib 030

I scored the bedskirt at Dirt Cheap for $2.  Even though it’s a full, I decided I could repurpose it to make a cribskirt.  I couldn’t buy this much fabric for $2, so I snatched it up (you know how it is in those Dirt Cheap discount places).  I kinda like the crib without a skirt, but figured I could make one anyways and take it off if I don’t like it.  Plus, it is the same aqua blue as the nursery, so if the crib is ever moved in there it will match.

How about you, have you found a new purpose for something old?  We’d love to hear!


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