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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

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Ahhh…The master bedroom aka: the sanctuary, place of respite, king’s castle…okay I’ll stop there.

I have all these great ideas, but I keep switching.  I feel like a flailing fish. <<which by the way I found out I can’t enunciate properly when trying to spell it for this post.

I am enlisting you for your help.  Here goes…

Being from the coastal region we really want to incorporate some of the Sea/Gulf in our room.  Well, I want a whole beach oasis.  I’m hitting a wall though because there are like a million directions we could go.  I would love your input.  Keep in mind the paint color has already been picked it’s a hazy blue gray (Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments)<<I think.

Also, the bedding is white (haven’t decided on throw pillows) , and I bought cream Indian Cotton table cloths for curtains last night.  Also, our headboard is set (somewhat).  I have a nubbly textured medium to dark gray fabric that I want to use to make a headboard.  Thinking about doing a nailhead trim.  The design would be simple with rounded or squared corners.

  1.  We could go with a Moroccan-like theme. I love the shapes and patterns of Moroccan inspired stencils and rugs.  Bright pops of colors might look nice with all the blues, grays, whites, creams.oh my stars look at whats holding up the curtain!Epic Room Makeover Giveaway Contest 2012 Vintage Revivals
  2. My first idea was a spa theme.  Lots of seaglass blues and greens, deep wooden tones, bright whites.this is EXACTLY the bed I dream about.
  3. Then I realized what mostly reminded my of our homeland is the cottage-y (word?) feel of the homes down by the water.  Time weathered woods, faded blues and greens, seagrass rugs, sail boats, shells.  (With this ‘theme’ I’m having the most trouble coming up with furniture for our room.) I can’t decide what kind of dresser and nightstands would look right.  Our floors are stained dark brown.pure perfection.  i love low beds and knit throws![IMG_1977.jpg]
  4. Then there is the casual/ sophisticated/ soft/ color play.  Cremes and Whites and Browns.  No pops of color, just smooth and soothing.  Since the curtains (for today) are creme and the bedding is white, I’ve got to find a way to make them “go” together.  Knit a chunky cream throw for the bed?  Lots of pillows with cream and white?  Tan seagrass rug, wooden furniture with the drawers wooden and the rest white? (I’m thinking I like vice versa)…(via dustjacket attic: Lazy Sunday)wow!  i love knit!  sooo cozy!
  5. Lastly I LOVE bold, clean Navy and White!  I could also throw in some coral to mimic the inside of a conch shell.  I really love this color scheme because it feels modern and sophisticated  but then again it can feel stuffy instead of cozy and relaxed like the beach.Bedroom Ideas

Also, I want to make the wall behind the bed a focal point.  I’m going to make a semi-tall headboard and then on both sides of the bed (over the nightstands) we were thinking about installing wall sconces.  Like this: PB light sconce for the cottagie/seascape master bedroom

The only room I don’t think these sconces would look good in would be the coral, navy, white room.  I think gold would look best in there.  Hubby isn’t much of a gold fan.  But I think he would love the navy and white.

SO I love the look of stenciled walls, but don’t know which design would flow best in our room.  Something more simple and cheaper would be to stripe the wall above the bed.  Since the walls are a blue/gray what color would I use?  White?  Cream? Gray? <light or dark>?  SO many options.  I’m a fish I tell ya!  I especially love these striped walls. final-bathroom-after-2

But how would that work with light blue gray on the other walls?

Or how about a stencil pattern.  I actually like the idea of using the same color as the wall, but adding some silver acrylic paint.  You have a tone on tone pattern with a sheen!

Moroccan Wall Stencil reusable

Herringbone Wall Stencil Small Stencil to Paint Herringbone Pattern for a Wallpaper Look

So, as you can see I’m stuck.  I’m soooo indecisive.  What to do?  Too many options.

I am a fish.


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One thought on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. The first pic in #1 and #2 are my favorites!!

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