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Chevron Crib Sheet DIY

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crib sheet 008 crib sheet 010 crib sheet 012 crib sheet 013 crib sheet 017


My first attempt at making fitted sheets!  I think they turned out quite well!  This isn’t going to be a tutorial, because I didn’t take pics during the process.  BUT I do have 2 more yards of grey striped fabric that I will do a tutorial with.  This is the semi-girly sheet, and then the grey will be the semi-boy.  I’ve been trying to keep everything pretty gender-friendly…as in lots of pinks & blues.  The nursery is pale aqua with pops of yellow, coral/orange, and raspberry.  Since the crib is *staying in our room I will probably keep the grey/white sheet on it most of the time.  Honestly, I don’t think the baby will care too much.

How about you, made any cuteness for your nursery/kid’s rooms?


*we had a slight scare when our case worker said she had to come see the crib (originally she said just an emailed picture would work).  we thought the baby might not be allowed to sleep in our room.  there are already two toddler beds in the nursery, and i will only feel comfortable if the “future” baby is close to me.  anyways, she stopped by just to check the manufacturer’s date and to make sure the crib wasn’t a drop-side one ((which it’s not)).  so now we just patiently wait for her to get all the paperwork written up…waiting…waiting…

Also, I just thought you might want to know that my “seasonal tax” job will be over in 4 days!  Though, that means we will be short on the cash-flow, the upside is that I will have more time to get everything perfect ((haha)) around here!  For realz though, lots of crafting, knitting, and cleaning in the not-so-distant future!  I’m stoked!


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