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Magic Loop Knitting VS 16 inch Circular Needles

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I started knitting a beanie for me, really just to practice the magic loop.  If you don’t know what magic loop is then check out this video:

Okay, so I am not so hot at magic loop.  I need lots more practice.  I figured it out and was able to knit about 10 or so rows, but I was having issues with a gap on both sides where you join the two rows.  I think I got the concept, but need more practice.  Have you ever knitted with this technique?  If so how do you feel about it?

I was using a 42″ cable and felt it got in the way.  Anyways, for those of you who are new to knitting, you might be wondering the purpose of this technique.  If you are knitting something round and small, say a newborn hat, socks, sleeve, etc.  you only have three options: magic loop, double pointed needles, or throw it all out and pick up a crochet hook.  I am of the latter breed of people!  I love knit, I love the way it lays, looks, feels, the fact that it uses way LESS yarn than if you crochet.  BUT lets face it, crochet is just quicker and more convenient!  It hurts my hands more and looks more chunky, but if you have to have a beanie it’s the easiest way.

I want to switch over to all KNIT.  For my personal use and for my items in my shop here and here.  Okay, so what does this have to do with this post?  I ended up ripping out all of my rows, because I remembered I had 16″ cables at home.  I am currently using Hiya Hiya brand needles.  You can sometimes get them off amazon, but they will run you $75.  Mine are sizes 2 to 8 and come with 4 or 5 cables (small enough to knit adult hats 16″ and big enough to knit blankets 42″), but I also need the bigger set.  I have since found another brand that offers a size 4 to 11 set and is only $50, that’s my next purchase.

Okay, knitting on 16″ cable/cord is soooo much easier than the magic loop.  BUT you can only knit ADULT hats and legwarmers on these, anything smaller you have to switch to dpn or doing the magic loop.

I was off the hook for the pattern I wanted to try because it’s for ME!  I’ve actually never knitted myself a hat.  I’m a very slow knitter and I prefer to make things for others, but I said, “hey, I can spoil myself just this once!”

Here is the pattern I am using.  If you know how to knit and purl you can make this hat!  I think it has a 20’s flapper girl vibe.  I’m all about some vintage accessories.

So, moral of this story is: you SHOULD learn magic loop because it’s great for smaller items, but if you aren’t knitting things for little people, buy a super awesome interchangeable needle set and go to town.  It’s worth the extra money to get a great set of needles, if you are going to be using them a lot.  I can promise you, you will NEVER buy straight needles again.

Need tips on knitting with circulars? Check this video out.

I am using naturally caron spa blend it’s made of bamboo and super soft.  Though I don’t recommend it for new knitters, bec/ the yarn separates easily.

Here’s what a hat being knitted on 16″ circular needles look like:

kntting hat 002kntting hat 003kntting hat 001kntting hat 005kntting hat 004


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