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Simple Lamp Shade Revamp

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I LOVE vintage anything.  My mom got me this super cute vintage lamp, probably because it has a poodle on it.  I’ve had it for a while, and I’ve never been able to find a shade I like for it.  The base is a cream color and I already had a small white shade, but it didn’t look right.  A super easy way to add vintage charm is to glue lace on your shade.  Here are the pictures.

Here is the ugly little beat up lamp shade.

Start at the seam and add glue, then start wrapping until you make your way back around to the start.  You can use hot glue.  I used a strong craft glue that dries clear…it started out clear too.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the glue.  I also used a clothes pin to hold the start of my lace.  In this project I used two types of lace that I had cut at Hobby Lobby.  I got 2 yards of each, it was less than $3 total.  I also bought some lace on the roll for $2.99 (I should have waited until it was on sale).  I alternated the lace each row.  When you get back around to the start of your lace, just cut it off, fold it under, and glue it down.

Here’s a picture of the ribbon.  I noticed that the lace bumped up and didn’t wrap around the lamp shade smoothly (probably because it’s a circle), but the ribbon stayed smooth and held everything down very well.  It’s lace, so I wanted it kinda ruffly anyways.

Here it is with the light off.  Even though the lace is white and the bottom is cream.  I still think it looks good.  Plus…

with the light on it looks cream anyways.

I love it in black and white:

So, pretty easy if you are into the shabby chic / vintage look.  I have to replace the fabric on our bedroom lamp next and it’s going to be a lot harder, and it involves an iron…bubum baaaa!!!!

Have ya’ll done any easy revamps lately?


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